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Real Madrid’s golden deal. Transfer equal to each euro. “He’s already a great midfielder in Europe”

Real Madrid's golden deal.  Transfer equal to each euro.  "He's already a great midfielder in Europe"

He already looks like one of the best midfielders in Europe. No wonder Real Madrid paid more than 80 million euros for him. Aurelien Tchouameni without any collectors enters the top ball and the second line of the “kings” is strengthened.

Aurelien Tchouameni appears to be one of the most promising midfielders in modern football for a reason. The Frenchman recently completed his second full season with Monaco, where he was the undisputed leader of the team’s second line. The impressive performances put him in the spotlight and the interest of the major European clubs. Real Madrid won the transfer race despite the competition between Paris Saint-Germain and Liverpool. For the benefit of the player and the club.

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The highest degree of safety

Chomini’s biggest advantage is undoubtedly his ability to position himself. The French open the way for him to gain an advantage both in creating in the offensive phase and in securing the defense. His impressive awareness, judgment, and anticipation ensure the best possible environment. If we add the patience and competence to get the ball back, it’s no surprise that last season he made the most possessions in the entire Ligue 1.

  • Aurelien Chuamini (Monaco) – 114

  • Younes Abdel Hamid (Reims) 103

  • Jonathan Klaus (Lens) – 102

  • Boubacar Kouyate (Metz) – 99

  • Brendan Chardonnay (Brest) – 94

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Chwamini fully understands the assumptions of counter-pressure, which allow him to leapfrog to his rivals in the blink of an eye. Many times it ends up being a successful grip, which translates directly to throwing the ball and starting the attack. Real Madrid is already effective at counter-attacks at lightning speed. Can you imagine what will happen when we add the French midfielder to this puzzle? Positioning Modrić-Tchouameni-Casemiro’s three-pointers while bringing Camavingya into the top eleven or using Fede Valverde’s recent brilliance could provide the “Kings” with one of the best midfield formations in modern football. It could be said that the era of Kroos, Modricia or even Casemiro is slowly coming to an end, but when they are replaced by the aforementioned players, could the Real fans be concerned? Absolutely not – rather excitement.

As for the defensive qualities of the French, one cannot help but mention his physical condition. His height is 185cm, which is a result well above the average pull-up midfielder. Not surprisingly, his proficiency in the game is at an impressive level. Take a look at the percentages of air duels won in the two Ligue 1 campaigns. For comparison, let’s add the Casemiro coefficients – also for both seasons.

  • Chwamini – 2021/2022 – 86/121 (71.1%)

  • Chwamini – 2020/2021 – 92/133 (69.2%)

  • Casemiro – 2021/2022 – 112/167 (67.1%)

  • Casemiro – 2020/2021 – 103/184 (56%)

Aurelien Tchouameni is a real beast when it comes to playing destruction, as evidenced by the above data. However, this does not mean that he is a typical defensive midfielder. The French are also creative in the offensive phase.

Catalyst for successful attacks

As with strict defensive advantages, also in the creation of team actions, the strengths of the midfielder depend on excellent positioning. Oftentimes, right after taking the ball, Tchwamni can fire one of his teammates with a pass that opens the way for the shot. But why is it effective at this?

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When you watch it in action, one thing is immediately clear. The Frenchman copes with the balance of the body very well, which is often able to confuse the opponent who is hiding him. This gives him a chance to avoid the pass and pass his opponent. The latter scenario can, of course, be reduced to statistics. And it must be admitted that their numbers are simply remarkable. For comparison, Madrid’s midfielders again – a batch of successful dribbling attempts from the 2021/2022 campaign.

  • Camavinga – 21/32 (65.6%)

Chuamini’s persistence in this question is commendable, which is also confirmed by the result of the 2020/2021 season, increasing his effectiveness at the level of 78.6%. These are the results that show that the new acquisition of Real Madrid is a very universal assistant – ideal for positioning in the box-to-square or classic eighth position.

Moreover, the wizard does not live by dribbling alone. You also need to be able to serve your mates a fast and accurate reel. Going back to his excellent use of body balance, it’s important to note how good Chwamini is at losing coverage, giving him the time and space to drive the ball into a potentially dangerous sector. Statistics to confirm? here you are. What about progressive passes (plays that bring the team significantly closer to the opponent’s goal)?

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In the 2020/2021 season, he made 162 such passes, which put him in the top ten in Ligue 1. A year later, he improved on that score and with 189 progressive passes he finished the season in seventh place for this type of play.

dream helps

Is Chuamini player in Real Madrid’s first squad? He appears to be replacing Toni Kroos. The German for some time no longer offers the level to which the observers of the best European football are accustomed, and for him the French must finally jump to the top eleven. Shortcomings such as high inaccuracy from a weaker leg or occasional missed decisions no doubt require improvement, but the 22-year-old already appears to be a major player in the position of a versatile midfielder. Luka Modric has signed a new contract with the Santiago Bernabeu until the summer of 2023, and the growing importance of Valverde and Camavinga is giving Royal fans hope for one of the world’s strongest assist groups.

The acquisition of Tchouameni gives Carlo Ancelotti the opportunity to make better use of his brand at Real Madrid. Transitions from defense to attack can gain speed, accuracy and unpredictability, which on paper seems like a recipe for extending the winning streak of the Italian team, which won the Spanish championship and the Champions League last season.

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