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rebellion in Russia. “Dear compatriots.” The whole world can watch this video – o2

rebellion in Russia.  "Dear compatriots."  The whole world can watch this video - o2

Last Friday, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu informed Vladimir Putin about the end of partial mobilization in Russia. It was to cover about 300 thousand. Among them are 82 thousand. Hitting the front, 218 thousand. people for training. Shoigu added that military enlistment and enlistment offices will continue to enlist only by accepting volunteers and candidates for contract service.

The problems of the Russian army have been talked about for a long time, and now another evidence has appeared. A video is circulating on the Internet showing how packers from the Chuvash Republic demand a one-time payment of 195,000. rubles (more than 15,000 PLN) they promised. They say they won’t fight until they get it.

Dear citizens of the Russian Federation, we, soldiers of the Chuvash Republic, are talking to you! We’re risking our lives, going to certain death so you can live in peace! Our country refuses to pay us 195,000. Rubles promised by our President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, says the soldiers in the video.

They added that we refuse to participate in a special military operation and will seek justice until we get the money promised by our government headed by the Russian President.

In response, a representative of the military unit, who can be seen in the video, saidThey no longer have such money for anyone.

You’re obviously trying to deny it now, we’ve got you ***. Give us one person to answer our questions. Let the representatives of the regions come and answer our questions, cheering the nervous army.

It is already clear that the “flower of the nation” has arrived in Ukraine – the paradoxes of Nesta.

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