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Rebuild your relationships again. What is back to school like?

Rebuild your relationships again.  What is back to school like?

After nearly a year of home study, no one doubts that there are some delays in acquiring knowledge. However, it can be easily compensated. Social arrears are more serious, incl. Emotional problems and a habit of building a direct relationship between peers. Students look forward to seeing each other again and the schools affirm that the most important thing now is to be together.

Immediately after the picnic, grades 1-3 appeared in the school hallways, and as of May 17, high schools, continuing education institutions and vocational training centers are transforming into a so-called hybrid system. Full-time education returns on May 31. Schools prepare for this in theory and practice.


We have completed training on how to deal with children in terms of their potential psychological problems, that is, related to, among other things, with re-adaptation in a group or mutual acceptance. We have also been equipped with educational materials on the topic of safe return to school – explains Honurata Ijlararska, Principal of Primary School in Yubyanka.

Parents ask about the feeling of going back to school for a few weeks, and children dread the flood of exams.

– Some teachers told us that they will not take the exams until after we go back to school and we are very worried that everything will fall on us at the end, and we still have an exam for the eighth grade – says Wiktoria Rumenska, a student from the school complex in Dobrzejewice, a member of the youth counseling group affiliated with For the mayor of Obrowo.

Minister Kazanek himself convinces to catch up last week. There are arrears.

Distance learning is very different from learning in the classroom. Of course, the material was implemented according to the basic method. But let’s face it, arrears have arisen. No one would teach anyone to ride a bike without a bike, and distance learning was like that. The teachers did what they could, but they did not have the same opportunities as in the classroom lessons. It will take at least a year to make up for arrears – explains Aldona Orze-Chechłowska, Principal of Ostaszewo Primary School. Another thing is that children have problems motivation to learn at a distance.

Principals of schools near Toru agree that the idea of ​​making up for essential shortcomings of the past three weeks before summer vacation is absurd. There is no chance of making up for your entire year arrears in twelve days or so. This shouldn’t be a priority now.

We must focus on rebuilding social interactions. The issue of communication between students was greatly bothered. We want the kids to stay together and refresh. Of course, we will carry out the program as usual, but it must be done calmly – explains Jacek Viborsky, headmaster of Elementary School No.5 in Chemia.

We intend to focus on talking to children, implementing group projects, and going out together. We plan bike trips and tours with PTTK and organize Kopala Night. It is not excluded that a psychiatrist will participate in the first grade. We need to start rebuilding relationships so that in September we can return to normal work – adds Dariush Shrubak, headmaster of the elementary school and school complex in Chernikovo. I will act against teachers ’attempts to follow the materials in recent weeks.

Likewise, the Educational Board at the elementary school in Yubyanka decided not to focus on catching up with subjects.

We want to summarize what has been achieved during distance learning. However, we recognize that the most important thing now will be the reintegration of the group. Transitioning from remote communication to face-to-face conversation can be difficult for children. As part of the educational activities, teachers plan outdoor activities in the municipality and trips to Biskopen, Shimno and Toro. We all understand that this year has to end in the first place with health – both physical and mental. This is what we confirm – Honorata Żeglarska confirms.

A separate issue is the mental state of young people, resulting from the domestic situation.

The children will come with a luggage of experiences after a long break. By observing their behavior, we will get more information about how family relationships work and, if necessary, be able to respond – Honorata Żeglarska adds. It is worth noting that none of us is Superman and we will all return to school not only with positive feelings after the pandemic.

Reintegrating and relearning social functions is more important than you think. It turns out that the epidemic has greatly exacerbated emotional distress among children and adolescents. Babies begin to wean themselves away from maintaining relationships with one another.

The rate of depression in adolescents increased significantly. Research in neuroimaging of the brain shows that when a person experiences rejection, and lack of communication, the same substances appear in the brain that are responsible for feeling physical pain. Many children and teenagers come to my office who need psychological support. The most common problems are depression, but also behavioral disorders – says Elena Weichuck, a psychologist at the Family Clinic in Brzezyc. Peer group during the study period is much more important to young people than the authority of their parents. At a time when students were cut off from this group, it translated in negatively to expanding their development potential.

A lost generation – This is what has often been said about schoolchildren since the time of the pandemic. However, this term is unfair to her. Teachers point out that yes – students have lost something, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get it back. Especially since the student community itself also feels a great need to renew direct relationships. A smartphone cannot be replaced.

Back to school I see advantages over disadvantages. We lack contact with our peers. The epidemic took it from us, and it took us to another world. We feel isolated from each other. We have become a little bit against society. Our relationship has deteriorated dramatically. I think we will be able to rebuild them, but it will take some time, in brief and Victoria Rumenska.

The coming weeks will be an excellent test for schools. Not in the context of knowledge transfer. Ultimately, the school’s mission is not limited to educating, but also – and perhaps above all – to educate.

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