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Record the heat in the American West

2021-06-17 02:01

2021-06-17 02:01

Record the heat in the American West
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An earlier wave than the long-term and regular record heat that will hit much of the southwestern United States. There is growing concern that this will become the new norm and exacerbate the drought for decades.

Phoenix, the state capital of Arizona, recorded 46 degrees Celsius on Wednesday, and according to the National Weather Service, temperatures could reach 48-49 degrees Celsius over the next two days. The record heat is expected to last at least until Sunday.

Water sprays were launched in the city, including open-air restaurant guests. City swimming pools are besieged.

California state officials have asked residents to use air conditioners sparingly

Further north of the states of Montana and Wyoming, the temperature is only 38 degrees “but with many forest and brush fires. There were at least 14 of them. This element has already caused significant damage and forced people to evacuate from burned-out homes.

According to scientists studying climate change and worsening drought, people living in the western United States can expect similar temperatures in the coming years.

Park Williams of California State University in Los Angeles said, “Heat waves are getting worse in the West. He estimates that the soil in the whole west of the country has been dry since 1895.

According to Williams, there could be up to five heat waves by the end of this summer. (BAP)

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