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Red Bull fined for breaching spending limit

The FIA ​​has confirmed the consequences for Milton Keynes in violating the 2021 financial regulations.

Bulls, such as Aston Martin – whose penalties have not yet been announced – were caught in a procedural violation, but also in the so-called small exceeding the limit set at the maximum level of 5%.

After several weeks of media scramble, Christian Horner’s team reached an agreement with the union, concluding a legal agreement with an admission of guilt (ABA). This means that the case is closed and the rebellious team has to face the consequences.

We should know the details of the investigation after 18:30 Poland time, when there will be a special press conference in which we will participate. For now, only the FIA ​​statement is available.

As expected, the Governing Body imposed on Red Bull for analysis costs, a $7 million fine (fines not counting against any limit) and a 10 percent reduction in wind tunnel and CFD operating time for 12 months from the date the ABA was entered into. The limit was found to be exceeded by 1.6%, or approximately $2.15 million.

The second part of the penalties is so strict that the best creator of the 2022 campaign still has only 70% of the time at his disposal, because at the time of the review of these restrictions he was in first place in the table. So Bykom will have 63% of the time in the near future.

In the official documents, the FIA ​​stressed that the ABA was introduced due to a lack of evidence of bad faith, team cooperation, and provision of relevant information, considering that it was the first year to implement a very comprehensive regulation.

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It was also noted that the procedural offense related to mixed opinions Regarding the items to be included. It is described as Incorrect exclusion and cost adjustment associated with £5.607m (about $6.47 million). That translates to a cap breach of £1.864 million, or roughly $2.15 million, or roughly 1.6%.

It was also confirmed that if Red Bull properly approached one of the UK tax credits (default tax credit), will not exceed the cap by 0.37% (£432,000, about $499,000)

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