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Refueling with air in an unusual version. Extraordinary effort by pilots from the United States

Refueling with air in an unusual version.  Extraordinary effort by pilots from the United States

Aerial refueling proved its effectiveness in many military operations, expanding the range and operational capabilities of aircraft. Generally, such aircraft and special machines are carried only by rich countries and the armed forces. Large transport planes Suitable for AAR (air-to-air refueling) operations. The cost to purchase such engines is $ 100 million, with higher operating costs and generally higher minimum speeds, which does not make the task easier for pilots.

However, the former military pilots, now affiliated with Victory Aviation (headquartered in Texas), decided to create a platform for resolving issues on the military and civilian side. Air or ground forces can very easily supply aerial fuel to their helicopters, a Civilian operators can easily make the most important aircraft, such as fire, search, humanitarian or medical aircraft. Or preferably mail delivery. The aircraft they use is very universal – it can fly like a classic machine or perform semi-autonomous or fully autonomous tasks.

The official name of the machine is KC-1000 “Doerbird”. KC is the military name for aerial refueling, derived from the ability to deliver more than a thousand gallons of fuel. Interestingly, the aircraft was built on the basis of an agricultural aircraft. Agricultural aircraft are best suited for these tasks because they already have large built-in tanks for spraying and extinguishing liquids, so converting such a structure into a flying “fuel tank” was much easier than conventional aircraft.

The rest of the material under the podcast window is technically speaking:

In the coming months, test aircraft and full certification will continue in the United States, with the support of the U.S. government and military, to integrate the KC-1000 into military engines. It also plans to open a branch in Europe within the next year Providing on-demand aerial refueling for interested airlines, firefighters and private pilots.

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If so, what do you need to do / what requirements to use such a system and e.g. Refueling in the air during flights? System requirements are very simple – standard MA-2 terminal (fixed or telescopic), mounting system and integration with the fuel system. Helicopters have been using air refueling for many years, so such modifications can be made directly by the manufacturer. As for the aircraft, discussions are currently underway with various spare parts suppliers to replace large civil aircraft such as the Beachcraft King Air and the Air Tractor AT-802. The export and use of the system in Europe is currently the responsibility of the ITAR agency (international transport in arms regulation), but the developers of this solution assume that they will be able to obtain all the necessary permits and approvals within the next year. .

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