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Register a new car. Used cars are facing a revolution too

Register a new car.  Used cars are facing a revolution too

Amendments to the Road Traffic Law – also known as the deregulation package – taking into account a number of facilities for drivers Take effect respectively. Now it’s your turn New car registration سيارةor motorcycle or trailer from a showroom licensed by the manufacturer. From June 4, the buyer no longer has to run to the office with documents, because the dealer will register the new car online.

– Only exhibitions were allowed to register on behalf of the buyer sales vehicles – Explains Bowie Tozink, legal counsel for the Automobile Dealers Association. – In accordance with the law, these showrooms are natural or legal persons, organizational units without legal personality, sell cars, trailers or mini-mopeds, but sell only in places on the territory of the Republic of Poland and are authorized by the vehicle manufacturer. Agents operated directly by vehicle manufacturers or importers will be able to register new vehicles It is to explain.

Car registration – without going to the communications department

As the Association of Automobile Lawyers indicates, today you can also register online through the government website However, this one Process Amazingly organized The client must issue a power of attorney to the salon employee, and in addition, the employee or client must finally go to the office to collect documents and plates and show the original documents. The main new thing is the ability to mail documents and plates to the dealer or driver.

The change applies only to showrooms and new vehicles (cars, trailers and scooters). In case of showing galleries cars In the rental and purchase of a used car – registration at the office is still necessary.

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What does the vehicle registration process with the dealer look like?

Signature is enough Regarding permission to apply for registration – not only a handwritten signature, but also a qualified electronic signature or a trusted signature. The application itself will be submitted by the showroom via an electronic form.

The application includes: The name and surname (name or company) of the owner, residence address and address to which the temporary registration decision of the vehicle will be delivered, temporary permit and approved registration plates, PESEL or REGON (in the case of a foreigner who does not have a PESEL number, as well as his date of birth). The dealer will also need to specify the vehicle’s make and intended use, make, make, model, year of manufacture, VIN, chassis, chassis, or tire number. The regulations also require information about how the vehicle owner received the vehicle registration decision and registration certificate. The buyer will be able to receive Documents At the contact department or at his expense it will be delivered by mail.

The application will be attached in electronic form with the original or copies of the authorization, proof of sale of the vehicle, confirmation of payment of the fees required to issue a temporary permit, registration plates, a set of verification marks and a registration certificate, confirmation of the required registration fee and stamp duty for the power of attorney granted. The vehicle owner bears the fee.

Quick overview of car dealer registration

When buying a new car, it is sufficient to authorize the showroom or its representative to apply for registration of the car and obtain from the district office a decision on the temporary registration of the car along with an “electronic proof” and certified registration plates. Most importantly, the dealer will only be able to register the new car purchased in this showroom in this way.

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The showroom employee will take care of the registration procedure from start to finish. The registration application can be submitted online, via an electronic form. In addition to the attached authorization, it must include:

  • Documents confirming the purchase of the car,
  • Proof of payment of temporary permit issuance fees and registration fees,
  • A copy of the car card.
  • Information about the owner of the car – name, surname, PESEL number, date and place of birth,
  • Vehicle identification data – including VIN number, chassis number, chassis number or vehicle tire number,
  • Vehicle technical data – make, make, model, etc.,
  • Showroom address.

You can also register a used car online

This is not the end, as the government department asserts, more changes related to vehicle registration are being worked out faster.

We strive to ensure that every vehicle – including a used one – can be registered online, directly by the owner said Minister Marek Zagórski, Minister of State for Digitization in the Prime Minister’s Chancellery. – To achieve this, digital archiving of documents related to registration is necessary. We are currently working on it – added.

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