October 23, 2021

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Remote and hard learning.  Summer vacation 2021. Back to school on September 1?  'No hurdles in sight yet'

Remote and hard learning. Summer vacation 2021. Back to school on September 1? ‘No hurdles in sight yet’

We have an extensive support package for young people, and extra tuition hours for those in need. These will be additional hours as needed. Especially in secondary schools – said the Deputy Minister of Education, Tomash Rzymkovsky, on the TVP1 program “Political Quarter”.

The schedule for easing restrictions until the end of August. government conference

This week, at the press conference of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Minister of Health Adam Nidzelsky, the facilitation plan will be announced…

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At the end of May, all students returned to full-time education in schools. The Deputy Minister of Education said that schools will be for a short period – For holidays beginning June 25th – Catch up due to seven months of distance learning.

These seven months of distance learning are in no way comparable to stationary learning, said Rzymkowski. As pointed out, However, the Ministry of Education does not want to take vacations from children and teachers.

– On September 1, let’s hope that the school year will begin without any obstacles, so far there are no obstacles in sight – he said.

As he said, when it comes to extra classes, these will be extra hours as part of his “biggest need and shortfall.” – We can’t make up for it. However, there will be specific subjects, especially in secondary schools, where students are preparing for exams and studies – he said.

Speaking about the vaccination of students, he indicated that at the moment – in some schools – there are vaccination points. – Here we rely on the experience of the local government. He added that the decision to vaccinate schools from September was dictated by the will of local governments.

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