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Researchers revealed that the Kremlin is hiding. Putin’s age is different, or different. And he was not born in Leningrad at all world news

Researchers revealed that the Kremlin is hiding.  Putin's age is different, or different.  And he was not born in Leningrad at all world news

Russian propaganda in praise Russian President Vladimir Putin It often pushes the boundaries of absurdity. In one of the articles, journalists focused on the dictator’s parents Russia. Vladimir Putin’s father – Vladimir Spiridonovich – is portrayed as a war hero.

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Boris: Putin wants to cause a major freeze in Ukraine and destroy its economy

Russia. Propaganda has aged Vladimir Putin. In their version, the dictator is at least 77 years old

The problem is that the journalists of the state-owned station Russia 1 reported that Spiridonovich died during World War II – during the lifting of the blockade of Leningrad. This means that Vladimir Putin must be born by 1945 at the latest, so he will be 77 years old, not 70 as the Kremlin claims. From a program The part indicating that Putin is about 80 years old has already disappeared. Instead, it was recalled that Putin’s father was awarded a medal “for being severely wounded by shrapnel in the left leg on November 17, 1941, on the Neva bridgehead,” and died only in 1999.

In the media in Russia, only the official history of Putin’s childhood is reported, and reporting any accidental deviations from it is punishable. So journalists can only rely on the official Kremlin biography of Putin, the first person, which was published in 2000 for election campaign purposes. Interestingly, this biography omits the first nine years of Putin’s life.

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Putin is 70 years old. “The worst birthday” and failures at the front in Ukraine

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Vera Putina claimed in 1999 that Vladimir Putin was her missing son

But confusion over Putin’s birth date is nothing new. Christina Korczap-Redlich, author of a book on put it in – “Vova, Volodya, Vladimir,” who has been a correspondent in Russia for many years, noted: “Little Vova was born not in Leningrad in 1952, as his official biography says, but two years earlier in the Urals.” She also confirmed that the Kremlin was hiding information about Putin’s real parents.

The official version says so president Russia was born on October 7, 1952 in Leningrad. Researchers claim, however, that the politician was born at least two years earlier, and that his parents would be the farmer Vera Nikolaevna Butina (not Maria) and the mechanic Platon Privalov. However, Wiera discovered that the man was married, so she raised her son, born in 1950, on her own.

Then Vera married a Georgian soldier and moved in Georgia.

I really wanted to stay in the Urals. I wanted to stay with Wowka, get away from this peasant life, I wanted to study…but could I? Two daughters were waiting at Metekhi, and two days later Georgy sent a telegram: “Come at once!”. And he threatened to bring me in the militia … In fact, it turns out that I exchanged Fuwa for the girls

– she told journalists years later (a quote from the book by Christina Kurtzap-Ridlich “Secrets of Putin’s Russia. Wha, Volodya, Vladimir”).

Journalists “the telegraph” In the archives of the city of Caspe, they found documents containing Vladimir Putin’s data. The boy was supposed to attend a Georgian school in 1959-1960. Former Russian language teacher Shura Gabinashvili told British reporters that Vladimir is a “clever kid” and loves Russian fairy tales. He also enjoyed wrestling and fishing. The teacher remembers that he was the shortest child in the class, but he always wanted to win everything.

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After the birth of his daughter, Butina’s husband did not want to raise Vera’s son from her previous relationship. The man was supposed to beat the nine-year-old, and as punishment make him stand in the cold for several hours. In 1960, Vladimir was to go to Vera’s parents, who, due to poor health and advanced age, agreed to adopt Vova by a married couple – Maria and Vladimir Putin, who were to take him to Leningrad. Vova’s parents were supposed to die at a young age – just like Vladimir’s two older brothers – Oleg and Victor.

Wedding of Lyudmila and Vladimir PutinPutin’s ex-wife – what is his property and where did Lyudmila disappear to? a report

In the 1990s, Putin allegedly harassed Vera by officials from Russia and Georgia, who threatened her with consequences if the secret was revealed. At the time, Putin was the Prime Minister of Russia and was running for president. Threats were also made against a teacher who claimed to have taught Vladimir as a child.

In 1999, Vera Butina appeared on television, saying that the President of Russia was her missing son. Italian journalist Antonio Russo wanted to investigate this case in more detail, but the man died under mysterious circumstances. In 2000, Artem Borovik, who was looking for information about Putin’s childhood, died in a plane crash.

Why does the Kremlin so persistently deviate from the truth? In an interview with “political theology” Kristina Korczap-Redlich pointed out that the entire KGB “philosophy” is based on a lie.

In democratic countries, politicians use lying, but rather as a deviation from the norm than as a rule. Politicians lie, especially in election campaigns, but in foreign policy they avoid lying, because mutual trust is a guarantee of security. Putin has introduced lies into world politics like a tame beast. And the world slowly, gradually, step by step, year after year began to tame this beast. (…) Let’s remember how Putin lied in Geneva during the conference with Biden – he lied to the whole world that he had not poisoned Alexei Navalny. Everyone knew he was lying, but no one shouted at him, he drugged the audience like a rabbit in front of a cobra (…)

Another example: 2000, Putin came to power. This is the pinnacle of his terrible war in Chechnya. Explosions destroy the republic, the United Nations counted 150,000 dead, including 42,000 children. And although there is war, though bloodshed – in a small, but nevertheless European republic – British Prime Minister Tony Blair is in a hurry to meet Putin in St. Petersburg even before he is sworn in in the Kremlin. it is called “my friend”

– She said.

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