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Retirement Frau Bismarck. In Germany, the Merkel legend is doing a great job

Retirement Frau Bismarck.  In Germany, the Merkel legend is doing a great job

Merkel merged with pop culture a long time ago. The indecent hairstyles and necklines from the Wagner Festival smashed, admired the headlines of the US weekly, and placed the famous finger gesture arranged in a diamond shape on pillows, leggings, T-shirts, and socks. In the Bundestag store you will find Merkel fascinated by lemon juice, and on the Internet a chiffon blouse with the slogan “Merkel. Maine Fuhrer”. A bear mascot wearing an immortal jacket with pants “walked” to the finals of her chancellor for 300 euros. Currently, it has a collector’s value. On the other hand, Barbie doll fans have no chance of getting Barbie Merkel launched 11 years ago A slim, plastic version of Angie was wool-wrapped in a black button-down suit made of Svarowski crystals, as well as a handmade beaded necklace, complemented by a pink satin shirt.No matter that Merkel Barbie wasn’t like the original, it was all about the message – it was announced then as a tribute to a politician who “can be a role model for girls around the world.” The question is whether “girls all over the world” really want to take Merkel’s shoes. Perhaps, apart from the legend of a shy priest-daughter, awakened to new life by the rumble of a crumbling wall, they have read dozens of biographies of their crystal doll, followed her schemes, and delved into the analysis of Merkel’s system – perhaps this plastic facade will eventually collapse. So far, at least in Germany, the Merkel legend is doing a great job.

In Berlin, until September, you can see an exhibition of photographs dedicated to the former chancellor. Herlind Kölbel’s photos of Merkel cover the period from 1991 to 2021, that is, from Merkel’s first steps on the political scene to the departure of Kanzelarmt. Albums accompanying the exhibition are also available outside of Berlin, and I recently stumbled upon this huge book at the Ludwig Museum in Cologne, famous for its impressive collection of Picasso’s work, as well as paintings by leading Russian artists. Either way, Merkel has grown to become the backbone of German pop culture as Che Guevara’s mascots, East German pantsuits and Brezhnev’s luscious kiss with Honecker. What will happen to Merkel until she gets off her base? Perhaps in political Berlin itself there should be a real insistence on an X-ray of the former chancellor and finding out his reasons. In the field of proclamations such an idea emerged, but without any details, and it serves the short-term interests of the party rather than the actual intent of dismantling German political and economic life. Speaking to German politicians, regardless of faction, the topic of creating a commission of inquiry that would study in terms of pro-Russia, and in the context of the war in Ukraine, the actions, decisions and contacts of the Polish political elite, storms through. However, the longer the war drags on, the calmer it will be on the coffin of Kremlin loyalists. Merkel herself enjoys an untouchable position. No one will leave the formation.

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Merkel’s regime was rude, it brought Germany and Europe a lot of misfortune, and, according to the former chancellor’s critics, it paved the way for Putin to get to Ukraine. However, it was a system that got many functions. Politicians, state officials and representatives of the media are always ready to explain the most harmful and even shameful decisions of their advisor as logical, humane and courageous action – depending on needs and circumstances. Looking at Angela Merkel, relaxed and without any trace of embarrassment, she spoke in the boardroom of the Berlin squad about her clear conscience towards Ukraine, about the fact that she had spoken to Putin “because she thought he was right” and that in 2008 she blocked Ukraine’s path to NATO, “because there was Corruption,” and, besides, “I did not want to provoke the President of Russia,” I felt the way a person should feel in the theater. Go to another reality, alternative fields. Only this feeling did not leave me after leaving the chair. It is present in this real political scene. Freeze in complacency. There are no settlement views, because then you will have to calculate everyone around you. To gnaw not only Schröder or Schwesig, but also Steinmeier, Gabriel, the most energetic German parliamentarians, heads of associations, foundations, concerns, think tanks and more. Chancellor Merkel does not yet solve criminal puzzles, she does not have a pug and does not wander through the Brandenburg cemeteries. Florence instead of Bocza, shoe instead of penitence, continuation instead of “Zietnwende”. Mrs. Bismarck does not need a pension. falls to judgment.

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