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Retirement will fall into ecstasy! Revolution is brewing. Retirement Index 2023. We Know How Much You Can Earn TABLE – Super Express

Retirement will fall into ecstasy!  Revolution is brewing.  Retirement Index 2023. We Know How Much You Can Earn TABLE - Super Express

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Pensions are underway in 2023. There is a real revolution in the forefront of retirees. The price destroys our wallets and is a challenge to the state budget, because the government has to find money for a massive increase in pensions. However, we have good news for retirees, the idea of ​​valuation came four times a year. – In this case we suggest abandoning the current method of increasing benefits. Appraisal should take place two or even four times a year – says Anthony Kulik, expert on employers in the Republic of Poland. We have specific calculations for the pension index. Details are in the table.

Indexing of pensions 2023. Government and union proposals

Pension Link in 2023. The fate of the next year’s pension index is at stake. On Wednesday, June 8, 2022, in a meeting of the Social Security team at the Social Dialogue Council, the government, trade unionists and employers submitted their demands regarding Pension Indexing. Suggest the government side Index rate 9.6% (Inflation 9.4% plus 20% real wage growth). Trade unions demanded a slightly higher rate (of a 50% increase in wages).

Retire on pension four times a year? There is a concrete revolutionary proposal

Pension Link Four times a year? This is not impossible, because a revolutionary proposal has just appeared, which can be a great support for pensioners. The entrepreneurs participating in the above-mentioned meeting of the Social Security Team of the Social Dialogue Council presented their proposal and took care of the budget possibilities. – Enrollment increased by 9.6 percent. It is the spending of 27.5 billion PLN, which will shake up social spending and push inflation further – warns Anthony Kollek, an expert on employers in the Republic of Poland. However, there is a solution to this that, according to the expert, you can bet on a revolutionary solution:

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– Therefore, we demand the abandonment of the automatic indexing and valuation index, not once, but twice or four times a year. Retirees will retain their purchasing power and there will be no need to spend tens of billions at a time, explains expert Anthony Kollek.

Revolutionary Proposition – Quarterly benchmarking of pensions. What does the government say?

Will the government take this idea for next year Pension Indexing inside the account? not yet known.

Retire from pensions four times a year – Opposition Comments

For example, the Civil Alliance supports solving the question of appraisal four times a year. It is a wise idea to help retirees in a period of record inflation. Poverty looks at the budgets of the elderly. And this government does nothing about it. Thirteen and fourteen are not even enough to cover increases in electricity and gas bills – says Representative Michai Zakzirba of KO, Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Committee. To get an opinion on the topic Valuation four times a year We also asked deputies from the left and Poland 2050.

In the gallery below you can check out specific accounts.

You’ll see at a glance what annuities are indexed each quarter at 2.5 percent. (10% annually).

Pensions in 2023 are up to four times. Expert opinion

Economist Marek Zuber questioned the idea of ​​quarterly benchmarking in 2023 It shows that retirees who have lost so much from accelerating inflation need a solution that will save their finances. After all, the worst is yet to come.

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– I think it’s a very good idea. Taking into account the fact that pensioners belong to the groups most affected by the very high inflation we have in Poland at the moment. With such high inflation, quadruple valuation has a very deep meaning – Economic indicates.


Would the second benefit comparison or the fourteenth pension be better for retirees?

Money is not everything. Barbara Sucha

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