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“ribbon”. Adrian Urban won the first round. Now living abroad

"ribbon".  Adrian Urban won the first round.  Now living abroad

Program “Bar”, such as “Big brother”sparked a lot of emotions among the viewers. Some eagerly followed the actions of the participants in both reality shows, and others considered the TV formats scandalousAnd watching participants shut down 24/7 in one place is “disgusting”. It is true that both programs were hugely popular and provided their two radio stations, Polsat and TVN, good viewing results. Although “Big Brother” brought the most stars into the show business, the production of “Bar” gave the media some significant names. It is by far the biggest star in the Polish format will addthis is Dorota Rabitciuska, who – as she confirms today – participated in a reality show to promote the band Virgin, in which she performed at the time.

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Adrian Urban – What is the winner of the first edition of “Bar” doing today?

Hardly anyone remembers that the first Polish version of “The Bar” was won by 19-year-old Adrian Urban. The boy did not take advantage of his momentary popularity to become another celebrity and comes to all possible events with the participation of stars. Instead, he focused on developing his passion.

The fact that Adrian Urban has not become a celebrity does not mean that he has completely ended his adventure with the media. Today he also works in them, but in a completely different capacity. A few years after winning the Bar, he immigrated to Great Britain, where he lives to this day.

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Where does the first BAR winner work? What does Adrien Urban look like today? How was his life after participating in the reality show?

We invite you to watch the next episode of the series “Once Upon a Time, TV Stars and Today?”. You can find photos of reality show participant in our gallery.

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