September 23, 2021

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Rimac Never Makes The Fastest Quarter In The World!  research!

Rimac Never Makes The Fastest Quarter In The World! research!

Rimac is a Croatian company that has revolutionized the supercar market. Currently, the Nevera model covers the fastest quarter mile in the world. And it all started with the electric BMW E30.

From the first projects to the stake in Bugatti

We hear many times that dreams are there to make them come true, but many of us are afraid or unable to take the first step towards achieving them. The beginnings of the company Rimac were somewhat different, because in a small Croatian town, the current owner of the company in 2006 began designing. He had a computer, a keyboard and a great passion for work at his disposal.

Two years later, Mate Rimac built a unique BMW E30, which changed a lot and gave rise to what we know today about this Croatian company. It was then that the first car powered exclusively by electric motors was created. Thus the idea of ​​building something more was born. In 2011, Matte built a BMW e-M3 and set five Guinness World Records for being the world’s fastest accelerating electric car.

In addition, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Mate Rimac, with the participation of people who supported his project, presented a model called Rimac Concept_One. It was the world’s first all-electric supercar, and it was built in just five months!

In 2016, Concept_One hit the first customers, the further development of the company can easily be compared with the unimaginable acceleration of the latest Nevera model. The culmination of this is buying a stake in the legendary Bugatti brand and breaking the world record for driving the quarter mile.

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Rimac Nevera sets a new level of speed!

The potential of electric cars has been known for years. Torque is one of its biggest advantages over conventional drivetrains. Maximum range available since the first engine revolution. Thus, the acceleration possibilities, flexibility and mechanical efficiency of an electric motor far exceed internal combustion engines. Therefore, a car that can break many world records should be an electric supercar.

Rimac Nevera runs a quarter mile on a drag racetrack 8.582 seconds. It is noteworthy that it was only the eleventh round. This is important in the case of electric cars, as some lose optimal performance over time when trying to accelerate.