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Robert Kubica and WRT are the ELMS champions! Great race for the pole and his team!

Robert Kubica and WRT are the ELMS champions!  Great race for the pole and his team!

Robert Kubica got off to a great start in the 4 Hours of Spa for WRT and his teammates kept up the pace. The Belgian team won the ELMS Tour at home in Spa-Francorchamps, so Kubica can celebrate the championship title in the 2021 season.

Łukasz Kuczera

Louis Deletraz in WRT بألوان

Twitter / WRT / Pictured: Louis Deletraz in WRT colors

After qualifying for Spa 4h, the WRT knew they could celebrate their Le Mans Series European title on Sunday. Robert Kubica’s team took third place, while his most dangerous competitor, G-Drive, took only seventh place.

It was Kubica who started the race for the WRT. The Polish driver did a great job in the first corner, immediately passing one crew and moving to second. On the other hand, the G-Drive crew discovered that starting a race in a maze of other cars was a risk.

G-Drive’s Roman Rossino was injured by one of his rivals, and the damage to the car turned out to be so great that the Russians pulled out a few minutes into the race. And so WRT had an open road to securing the ELMS title already at Spa-Francorchamps.

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Kubica was spanning a very long distance. Pole, along with the WRT, had a good stopping point, thanks to it outperforming COOL Racing. Then the Krakowian built an advantage. He lost a good part of it as a result of a subsequent neutralization, but the Pole kept the team in the lead. Despite complaints from competitive IDEC Sport’s Patrick Billett,

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During his trip, Kubica saved tires and fuel, so he spent almost 1.5 hours on the track. Yifei Ye jumped into the car in second place and remarkably continued to speed – first overtaking his rivals at the stopping point and then gaining an advantage over his rivals. Unfortunately, the tire was punctured while the Chinese man was riding. – He spoiled our strategy with this. We have to keep the tires so we don’t go to another pit stop – he said in an interview at the end of the Kubica race.

Louis Deletraz got in the car in the last 48 minutes of the race. The Swiss quickly regained the leader’s position after stopping and built an advantage of 9-10 seconds, but had to save fuel due to Ye’s previous “slippers”.

We have a chance to win the championship here, but let’s hope we get to the finish line, because there is still a long way to go. Let’s remember what happened at 24h Le Mans – said Kubica, when 4h Spa remained a little more than half an hour.

Just over five minutes before the end of the race, the MV2S Racing crew had a serious accident, causing yellow flags to appear all over the track. The drivers had to slow down, which was good news for WRT – under the circumstances, Deletraz was able to save fuel without any problems. The Swiss entered the finish line as winners so Kubica and the rest of the team could start the celebration.

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The European Le Mans Series is a prize for WRT and Kubica for what happened at 24h Le Mans at the end of August. Even the Krakowians did not hide it. – It’s good to go back to the spa because it’s a great track. After the 24h Le Mans events, the best thing is to get back to racing, because our luck ran out – the pole got stuck.

So, Kubica’s adventure begins with endurance racing in the best possible way. Everything indicates that he will continue into the 2022 season, given Krakow’s unlikely chance of returning to F1.

ELMS – 4 Hour Spa – Race – Results:

purpose Team crew the cars Wasting time
1. WRT Kubica Deletraz Yee Orica 07-Gibson 4 hours + 1 tour
2. Duqueine team Gumendi Bender Rojas Orica 07-Gibson +5.318
3. Banes Race Channel-Stevens-Allen Orica 07-Gibson +19.544
4. cool racing Coigny-Lapierre-Milesi Orica 07-Gibson +23.198
5. United Autosports Van Uetert-Jamen-Maldonado Orica 07-Gibson +26.236
6. IDEC Sport Lafarge Chaten-Bellet Orica 07-Gibson +1: 07.468.0000
7. G-Drive Racing Valp Andrade Menezes Urus 01 Gibson +2: 08.490
8. United Autosports Hanson Aberdeen Gamble Orica 07-Gibson +1: 33.014
9. BHK Motorsport Dracon Campana Boomer Orica 07-Gibson +1 ok.
10. climax The Hague The Hague Orica 07-Gibson +1 ok. + 0.490

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