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Robert Lewandowski and the Polish representation in Tri-City before the Euro

Robert Lewandowski and the Polish representation in Tri-City before the Euro

We were a little suspicious when we heard the head of Sopot, Jacek Karnovsky explained to usThat the Polish representatives will find silence and concentration in the summer capital of our country. After all, it is said that in the summer months, the 35,000-person spa triples the number of people staying in its area. Tourists are banging on doors and windows, especially in the era of COVID-19, when traveling abroad has become difficult.

– As far as I know, the staff will be stationed in a hotel in Bitwy pod Płowcami, it is not the city center. It is located right near the sea, but at the same time a little off a road from Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street. Kadrowicz people will stay in the spa area. Besides, a true fan has this characteristic that he will always and everywhere find representation (laughs) – said Karnovsky.

The problem (or maybe not?) is that fans haven’t really found the cast that on Wednesday at 4.30pm from Gdansk airport, I flew to Sopot Marriott Hotel & SpaWhich became its official base during Euro 2020.

Representatives of the uniformed services and the media were more than just fans. The latter had no easy task, trying to get some sayings from the few assembled fans.

– Lord, what is this team? One football player, the rest are kickers. Came by two coaches, like I don’t know what. They should be training, not riding, recent matches have shown their form – explained the belly-butt guy who tried to make the most of his five minutes of fame.

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– You don’t know if “Lui” came with Anka? I read her book – asked another bassist.

Does the nation not believe in its employees? Each stick has two ends. At the time of filing the complaint at the Marriott, there was a hypothetical chase of invitations to coach the national team at the Polsat Plus Arena. Five thousand tickets were allocated for Thursday’s training, while the number of applicants reached more than 20 thousand. The impact is easy to predict – the stadium’s servers are dead.

The interest exceeded our expectations. At 12 noon there were more than 20,000 volunteers. 10-15 minutes after our server was suspended, we redirected the traffic to the Lechia Gdańsk ticket portal. Regardless of whether someone is already registered or not, everyone has the same chances. Only the application time was counted, and on this basis a waiting list was created, and then individuals were allowed to register for invitations – Bauwe Boczynski, head of the Arena Gdańsk operator, reported on the portal Tró

One of the PZPN managers showed their heart by handing out more than 150 invitations to one of Tri-City’s smaller youth coaching clubs. You must have seen the cheerful faces of the happy children who will see events on the grass for the first time in their lives, incl. Robert Lewandowski, Wojciech Szczęsny, and Kamil Glik.

The latter participated in the inaugural press conference held on Wednesday at No. 18 at the Amber Polsat Plus Arena in Gdansk. Celik emphasized the role of football fans.

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– I am happy that we can host the fans in the stadiums. They can definitely help us. We are back to normal. (…) I would like all the players, staff, fans and journalists to be proud of this team after the tournament. I would like to come back realizing that I did everything so that I had nothing to complain about – confirmed Kamil Glick, who also has a German passport written in his name as “Glock”, meaning happiness.

Will it be living in Tri-City and sending Glik to the press conference the first thing that brings joy to our team during Euro 2020? In 2012, the following sites were chosen as the former Pomeranian site for the European Championships: Ireland (Sopot), Germany (Gdansk Oliwa) and Spain (Gneuenu). The first team was eliminated in the group stage, the last two teams in the fourth medal.

President Karnovsky, mentioned at the beginning, expects such a medal for the team of Paulo Sousa.

– I hope the staff will stay with us for as long as possible. We have a very good team, it is a mixture of routine and youth, and I think we can even reach the semi-finals.

Or maybe our employees will be happy to greet the neighbor, Awarded to Polish footballers residing in the neighborhood with basketball players from Trefl Sopot and volleyball players Trefl Gda Tsk? A special situation emerged with the captains of the Trefl teams – Mariusz Wlazły and Pawe Leończyk – and the greeting of neighbors at the hotel in Sopot on the day of the arrival of the Polish national team.

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Training at the Polsat Plus Arena is open to 5,000 spectators today at 17. On Friday, team members will go through two training sessions at the amber facility, and one on Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday at 13:45 our team travels to St. Petersburg for the match against Slovakia, which will take place on June 14 on Monday. The day after his return, Tuesday, there will be another practice session open to the fans. On the one hand we hope that the servers will not crash this time, and on the other hand we hope to win the opening match. Then the interest of the fans will increase and the invitations to coach the team will be worth their weight in gold.


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