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Rocket explosion in Poland. UK Prime Minister: This would not have happened without the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Rishi Sunak (fot. Leon Neal/Getty Images)

None of this would have happened without the Russian invasion of Ukraine – British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said about the missiles that fell on Polish soil at the conference that ended the G20 summit in Indonesia.

The Prime Minister of Italy writes of solidarity with the Polish government and nation

Two Russian-produced missiles fell on the Polish town of Przewodów on the border with Ukraine. The Prime Minister of Italy took up this issue. Georgia…

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Sunak said: “Yesterday at the G-20 summit (me and other leaders confronted Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov directly about the illegality and brutality of his country’s war in Ukraine).”

Just 12 hours later, more than 80 Russian missiles fell on western Ukraine, killing civilians and destroying civilian infrastructure. While other world leaders have worked together to address the greatest challenges facing our citizens, Putin has carried out indiscriminate attacks against civilians in Ukraine – added the British Prime Minister.

He said that in the aftermath of the attacks, G7 and NATO leaders held an emergency meeting on Wednesday to reaffirm solidarity with Poland, and that he had spoken with Polish President Andrzej Duda to offer full support and assurances that the UK was steadfast in supporting the Polish president and his people at this troublesome time.

We must all be clear None of this would have happened without the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This is the harsh and uncompromising reality of Putin’s war. As long as it continues, it poses a threat to our security and the security of our allies. And as long as it continues, it will continue to harm the global economy.”

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