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Rodowicz puts his health and life at risk. That’s why he throws parties at any cost

Rodowicz puts his health and life at risk.  That's why he throws parties at any cost

Marila Rudovich worries her fans more and more. It appears that the temporary absence due to orthopedic issues will allow her some mental relief from wandering about and appearing on television. But it turned out that the artist did not want to rest. The game at any cost. why? at the gate 24 stars The matter was divided into prime factors.

When it comes to Maryla Rodowicz’s health, things haven’t been going so well in recent weeks. Treatments and rehabilitation. The artist had to be taken care of by her daughter for some time. Rodowicz has been frozen. However, as soon as she got back on her feet, she ran to the stage. First, she was taken to the hospital with a sudden rise in pressure, and after a week she almost fell on the stage, as we describe:

Why doesn’t Rodowicz give up? The answer is simple

In previous posts, my friends from the entertainment department wondered why there wasn’t another month or two for Maryla Rodowicz to “recover” from the injury. Or just a moment longer, because the body gives clear warning signals.

Well, the answer is simple: the summer season is the so-called harvest season for famous artists – especially musicians. With a little persistence, you can play up to 2-3 parties in one day! Each group (in the case of such a famous star as Maryla Rodowicz) from several to tens of thousands. zloty. May, June and July events are usually Gwenalia Days, City Days, or many other city festivals. Plus, the star has been complaining about a very low pension for years and it doesn’t seem like he’s been able to deliver significant savings for decades..

Maryla Rodowicz receives a starvation pension. “ZUS pays me a small amount”

August is also packed with outdoor events. Everyone wants to have fun before the fall comes and the unstable weather comes. Money is more important than health? We do not want to judge, but unfortunately … it seems so.

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