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Roman Wilhelmy drank all his salary for his role in “Four Tankmen and a Dog”.

Roman Wilhelmy drank all his salary for his role in "Four Tankmen and a Dog".

  • On May 9, 1966, TVP broadcast the first episode of the new series “Czterej pancerni i pies”. The cast does not include famous actors, incl. Roman Wilhelmy
  • Lieutenant Olgerd Jarosch (the character played by Wilhelmy) appeared in six episodes. He was executed “because of the drama”.
  • Years later, the actor admitted that he initially envied his colleagues who still play in the series
  • When the creators of “Czterech pancerni …” wanted to revive Olgierd, Wilhelmi did not agree to return to the set, because he took part in a German film
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death news Romana Wilhelmigo He was the first to pass “Teleexpress”. About the fact that the impersonator of the role of Lieutenant Olgerd Garosz in the cult series, adored by several generations of Poles “Four tanks and a dog” He was suffering from liver cancer, only his relatives know. Then the media revealed that when the actor was admitted to the hospital, he asked not to cancel his performance. In an interview with Super Express, Roman’s brother Adam Wilhelmy said:

Unfortunately, the disease, diagnosed at the stage of metastases in the lungs, was ruthless. Roman Wilhelmy died on November 3, 1991 at the age of 55. He was buried in Wilano Cemetery in Warsaw.

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Almost all his fare…drinking in hotel restaurants

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Roman Wilhelmy has been on the screen since 1955, but he never played a role that would make him recognizable. The breakthrough came in 1966 when he agreed to appear in the new Polish series “Czterej pancerni i pies”. When Wilhelmy was asked about his reasons for taking on the role of Lieutenant Olgerd Garrosch, he said:

Foto: INPLUS / East News / East News

Roman Wilhelmy, Francesc Pichka, Janusz Gagos and Włodzimierz Press in the series “Czterej pancerni i pies”

He did not hide that the money he wanted to spend on a specific purpose was also of great importance.

“I was also expecting more money, I dreamed of buying a car. Unfortunately, living in hotels was expensive and In a flurry of euphoria about making a fortune, I wasted my money and drank it in the hotel restaurant. When, after two years of hard work, I finally woke up, I had my hand in mine The only loot from this adventure: a tie-dye jacket that doesn’t match.” Roman Wilhelmy mentioned.

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The role in “Czterech pancerni i psie” made Wilhelmi famous

The role of Lieutenant Olgerd Garrosch gave Roman Wilhelmy such popularity that he quickly complained about it.

“I have become famous, every child in this country knows me. However, that wasn’t exactly what I meant. Yes, I’m glad people recognized me on the street, that in the garage they would fix my car while they waited, and the ladies in the offices would help me get things done. I owe all this to the role of the tank commander, which in my opinion was not a technical achievement.”

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The popularity of the series translated into … there are no new proposals. Years later, Roman Wilhelmy said bitterly:

His only son, Rafai, also mentioned Roman Wilhelmy’s popularity.

From childhood I remembered my friends who could not believe I had a father – Olgerd from Bansern. Right from the sandbox, I called the whole crowd into the house, pointed my finger at my father sitting at the table and said: It’s him! – said Raphael Wilhelmy in an interview with Marcin Reichk.

Foto: INPLUS / East News / East News

Roman Wilhelmy, Paula Raxa and Włodzimierz Press in the series “Czterej pancerni i pies”

When they wanted to revive Olgerd, Wilhelmy refused to return to the role

When work began on the series, it was agreed that there would be 8 episodes in which one of the main characters would die. The choice fell on Olgierd Jarosz. Roman Wilhelmy appeared in the first six episodes of “Four Tankmen and a Dog”. His hero died in the Battle of Wejherowo which viewers discover in Episode VII. Years later, the actor admitted that at first he did not like the decision of the director and screenwriters to kill Olgerd.

“At first, I envied my colleagues for the longer lifespan of their characters, But later it turned out that I was lucky, because the series freed me from apathy, and the role of Olgerd did not turn out to be such a burden, ”- said Roman Wilhelmy in an interview.

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When in 1970 the creators of “Czterech pancerni i pies” decided to revive Olgerd, Roman Wilhelmy did not agree to return to the set of the series. He preferred to play in the German film “Because I Love You”.

“The creators decided to revive Olgerd. You can do anything in the series, there are mistakes in the war. However, Romick did not agree because he had received an interesting offer from the German Democratic Republic. Then he bought himself a wonderful car, whom I envied” Janusz Gagos.

Foto: INPLUS / East News / East News

Roman Wilhelmy as Lieutenant Olgerd Jarrosch in “Czterej pancerni i pies”


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