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Rosnerski and Kalska: The Action Behind the Relationship Crisis

Rosnerski and Kalska: The Action Behind the Relationship Crisis

Adriana Kalska and Mikołaj Roznerski They have been a couple for several years. They also play a married couple in “M jak Miłość”. Their feelings flourished on the set. Nicholas is known for the vulnerability of a beautiful woman. The handsome actor was associated, among others, with Marta Jurass, Elijah Bachelida-Koro, Olga Bosade and Marcelina Zwadzka. He found happiness only on the side of Adriana Kalska, with whom he became permanently attached.

According to the weekly “wiat i People” Mikowaj and Adriana face a crisis in their relationship. The problems started when it turned out that the series in which Adriana plays is under the title “lucky leaves” It was not warmly received by the public.

The actress hoped that the TVN production would start her career in the media. On the other hand, Mikowag does a great job and Can choose from shows, both movie and series. At this point, he plans to participate in up to five films. No wonder Adriana can feel frustrated by her partner.

This difference in the number of professional challenges in the life of the actors is the cause of conflicts between them.

The new project that Kalska is involved in may be an opportunity to resolve the crisis. The actress was to receive a leading role in the Warsaw Theater.

The theater director believes that Kalska has a much greater willingness to work in the theater than Mikołaj. As he admitted in “The World and the People”: if the plan succeeded, Mrs. Adriana would feel more confident.

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