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Row about … the comfortable Rosinick shoe. “Aunt Klotka from the playground”? Gosia stampede like a lioness

Row about ... the comfortable Rosinick shoe.  "Aunt Klotka from the playground"?  Gosia stampede like a lioness

Małgorzata Rozenek He does not stop working even on Mexican holidays and earns thanks to the high activity in social media. This time she declared “Comfortable shoesIn the form of a sock with a sole that not everyone liked.

Mrs. Maguzia, I love you, but this shoe is a drama – auntie. I’m at it – Internet user slammed.

It replied “perfect”.

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Małgorzata Rozenek is a real fashion designer. She hit her son with a passion for styling!

Rozenek sexy shoes

Area Radosaw Majdan She posted another sponsored post on Instagram announcing the shoes. Jose sat the chair And lift the legs (in her opinion) with shoes that are perfect for conquering the world – made of airy, sea-colored openwork and a sock-like elastic band around the ankle.

Małgorzata Rozenek in an intimate pause with Radek. There was no such picture yet. “detestable”

However, Rosenick heard that they sounded like “the aunt’s rumble from the stadium,” and that the silence itself resembled that of the “Chinese Coliseum.” These comments are not left unanswered.

seriously? Fantastic for me! I have two colors, because the shoe is very comfortable – she explained her choice, although everyone knew that it was her duty to defend the advertised sexy shoes.

I also got into a heated discussion Carolina DomaradzkaWhich is famous for criticizing fashion additives Famous. Blanca Lipinska shoes were once on fire. What did you write this time?

From an aesthetic and fashion point of view, shoes are a tragedy. They may be comfortable, but nothing else. Unleavened, exaggerated, glowy, hard to style. She judged sharply that they wouldn’t go with anything other than a gray tracksuit with cubic zirconia or a Halloween costume designed to mimic Paris Hilton’s style.

Josiah did not owe her. I suggested that Domaradzka has no imagination …

For a good fashionista, she concluded, there is no such thing as a “hard style.” It’s just a matter of imagination.

Is this the end of the “shoe drama”? The designer and the “idealist” greeted each other sarcastically and wished each other success.

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Row about Rosinick's shoesRow about Rosinick’s shoes Instagram /m_rozenek

Row about Rosinick's shoesRow about Rosinick’s shoes Instagram /m_rozenek

“It’s just shoes” – the perfect summary of this celebrity dispute over nothing.

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