September 21, 2021

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Roxie Węgiel suddenly announced it.  Fans were amazed.  "Today at midnight..." - Super Express

Roxie Węgiel suddenly announced it. Fans were amazed. “Today at midnight…” – Super Express

Author: Photo by Maciej Zawada

Looking at what he does, it’s hard to believe that he’s only 16 years old. Roxie Węgiel goes like a storm, but he still feels dissatisfied and surprises his fans with every step. But what she announced today, no one expected!

Only three years ago, she won The Voice Kids and the 16th Children’s Eurovision Song Contest, and has already become a favorite among the Poles. The young star, however, has not rested on her laurels and is working hard on new songs. Fans are unhesitatingly waiting for information about the premiere of her songs. Roxana Węgiel However, it keeps them in suspense. Today I just announced something special.

You must see: Roksana Węgiel with a deep neckline and belly on top that rocks but in front of the camera! This opinion is shocking!

Coal in Sopot

Just a moment ago in Sopot, Roxy introduced her new single “Corona”, settling accounts with the past. With this song, the young singer fought for the title of Song of the Year during the Top Of The Top Sopot Festival. However, the video I shot for it has already been viewed more than a million times. It’s a real hit, and fans are not bored and are still waiting for more surprises from Węgiel. Whenever the star has already indicated several times on social media that he is preparing something new. And they were right. Just a few hours ago, she announced something that would prevent millions of Poles from winking that night.

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Roxy’s new single

On Instagram, Roxy posted a picture of her getting out of the water. However, it was the description that amazed her fans.

“Today at midnight my newest single – Canary Island on all streaming services! Tomorrow I’ll be with me for the music video premiere on YT at 12:00. Can’t wait! And you?”I wrote with enthusiasm.

Fans are crazy and actually counting down every minute until midnight. We don’t know this new song yet, but we’re already convinced that it will become the teen star’s next song. Even though the holidays are officially over, we’ll probably get a taste of summer again thanks to it. Don’t miss the first show!

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