July 28, 2021

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RTV Euro AGD has opened an outlet

RTV Euro AGD has opened an outlet

RTV Euro AGD has opened its first stationary outlet in Warsaw. It was established in the center of the Anopol plant.

The chain actually offered products in the outlet model, but it was only available online. At the stationery store, you can buy appliances and electronics at below-market prices with a manufacturer’s warranty. RTV Euro AGD guarantees this The offered products have been checked by network specialists. Some are the last items in a certain series, products removed from the exhibition or equipment with previously opened or damaged packaging

Outlet products can also be ordered directly in the store if they are temporarily not available in fixed supply, but are available for sale online.

“We see great interest in being able to buy electronics in good condition at an affordable price. We know this especially in the case of It is important to be able to see the product live so that you can make a purchase decision based on thisThat is why we are launching our new store in Factory Annopol” – says Tomasz Płuciennik, Director of Sales Network Operations at RTV Euro AGD, citing warszawa.naszemiasto.pl portal.

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