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RTV subscription, implementation rate Poczta Polska, how many people pay for TVP how to get exemption

RTV subscription, implementation rate Poczta Polska, how many people pay for TVP how to get exemption

– From January 1 to March 31, 2022 for tax offices 7979 enforcement titles have been published Issued by the creditor – Poczta Polska SA, with the legal basis for the enforced obligation “OPAB – Unpaid subscription fee for the use of the recipient” – the Ministry of Finance informed This is almost three times more than the previous year, when 2,714 such titles were issued at that time. The execution order is the basis for initiating the execution procedures.

In the first quarter of this year, Poczta Polska collected about 7.45 million PLN from underwriting debtors. This was slightly less than last year (7.73 million PLN), but this amount also includes traces of actions from previous years, and not only from a specific quarter. Throughout 2021, tax offices received 51,181 enforcement bonds relating to late subscription fees, and A total of 47.9 million PLN were collected from debtors.

Where does the increase in the number of new enforcement actions come from in the first quarter? – The heads of tax offices, as executive authorities, do not have the right to check the legality and due date of the obligation covered by the execution deed – the Ministry of Finance told us.

The possibility of downloading a subscription is within the competence of the particular operator, and therefore operating procedures – says Teresa Brykczyńska, a spokeswoman for the National Broadcasting Council. Poczta Polska does not comment on the issue of collecting the subscription due.

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The 2020 KRRiT Report makes it clear Out of the 13.57 million households in Poland, that’s 96.4 percent. There was a TV in the house. However, the RTV subscription was regulated with only 680.2 thousand. destinations. The comparison between these numbers is shocking. What is the reason for that?

First of all, most people have not registered their receiver at all. At the end of December 2020, this television set was available only in 6.44 million households, that is, in less than half of the households in Poland. From this group in turn 3.9 million subscribers have been exempted from paying subscription fees (There are also layoffs among people who have never registered the receiver, but whose scope is unknown.)

Who doesn’t have to pay an RTV subscription?

There are several groups that are exempt from payment for public media. The contribution does not have to be paid, among others persons over 75 years of age, persons included in the first disability group, veterans who are in a state of war or military disabilities, persons over 60 years of age who are entitled to a pension, Their amount does not exceed 50% per month. average income.

In 2020, 2,540,250 official entities were required to pay fees to public media, including 2,302,719 families and 237,531 institutional participants. As mentioned, only 680,000 PLN were paid. Role. Against this background, the several thousand new performance titles released in the quarter is certainly a small number.

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– From a formal point of view, there is an obligation to pay the subscription, but to deal with several thousand people who were unfortunate enough to be beaten (through the system that searches for debtors – editor), while millions do not pay, it is a kind of apparent activity – Julius Brown resides.

The console is not allowed into the house to see if we have a TV

The Polish Post can only go after for money those who were previously recorded by the TV set. If someone hasn’t done this before, this is It is not legal for a home monitor to enter their home and check if there is a TV in their room

Although at the start of the first term, the Law and Justice Act announced changes to public media funding, rather than reform, it ended up providing compensation for lost subscription revenue. Every year, TVP and Polskie Radio are happy to receive almost 2 billion PLN from the state in the form of treasury bonds..

The so-called compensation is convenient for the authorities because it is short. If television and radio work as the authorities wish, they get the money. Brown estimates that if someone was considering independence, they wouldn’t get any money.

Although PiS does not want change, it does. I recently entered the Senate Opposition Bill With the intention of exempting natural persons from paying subscription fees. Objections were raised not only by public broadcasters, but also by the National Broadcasting Council and the Minister of Culture.

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How much is an RTV subscription?

In 2022, the radio usage fee is 7.50 PLN per month. The fee for use of a TV, radio and TV for a month is PLN 24.50. Receiving users who have paid the subscription for the whole year through January 25, 2022 receive a 10% discount.

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