October 19, 2021

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Run for health. Can anyone participate in the marathon? – Not connected

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property distance. How do you prepare for a marathon?

Street running is gaining more and more popularity not only among enthusiasts of this activity, but also among people who have not had much to do with running until now. Dr. Mishaw Sotkowski, Chief Family Physician in Warsaw, quoting the words of one of the German doctors, European champion in the 5 km race, admits that 42,195 meters is too big and arduous. At the same time, she adds, the preparation process itself has the most beneficial effect on our health.

07:12 PR1_AAC 2021_09_17-09-35-53.mp3 Marathons are becoming more and more popular. Is it an activity for everyone? How do you prepare for takeoff? (“Four Seasons” / Jedinka)

How do I do it?

The basis and the first step on the path to serious participation in a marathon is a healthy balance, that is, preventive checks. Nor should we rush the adjustment process. The key is patience and common sense. You must know yourself and your capabilities. It would be nice to have a champion, a friend, an old marathon runner next to him – advises the “Four Seasons” guest. You should also remember to adjust the training plan according to your age.

A marathon is a fatal exercise. wrong. For example, an ultramarathon uphill, over a hundred or more than two hundred kilometers, can be fatal. After taking the tests, you should simply practice patiently and easily, using Jerzy Skarżyński’s post, without injuries – says Dr. Michal Sotkowski. The best solution is to start with short distances. You can also train walking, it does not hurt to lose a few kilograms of weight in advance.

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What about contraindications?

However, there are people who should avoid marathons. Everyone has to move, not everyone has to run a marathon. Everyone should run, but not every marathon – says the guest of Program 1 on Polish Radio. He adds that minor pain may not be an obstacle to physical activity. You have to hold your hand, you have to get up from the sofa, you have to move and it will hurt less – Dr. Sotkowski has no doubt.

It is also important to choose the conditions in which we train, the type of surface makes a huge difference. It is important that the surface is relatively smooth. Gravel is the best. There are more and more such trails in the Polish forests. Let’s use it – guest broadcast is advised. Flat areas without hills or cobblestones are especially useful. Good weather, good shoes and well-being are important – it sums up.


Title: four seasons

Lead: Joanna Rasewicz

a guest: Dr. Michal Sotkowski (Head of Family Physicians in Warsaw)

Date of issue: 17.09.2021

broadcast time: 9.00-12.00