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Ruskaya Kola with the Mother of God. The Russian answer to Coca-Cola

Ruskaya Kola with the Mother of God.  The Russian answer to Coca-Cola

Let’s remember that in May the Coca-Cola bottling plant stopped the production and sale of drinks and other brands of this company in Russia. As reported by Reuters, the brand and its customers are running out of stock. In March, the company announced the suspension of operations in Russia, specifically the concentrate’s supply of its drinks in this market.

According to the Ukrainian agency Interfax, Coca-Cola HBC in Russia has 10 plants that produce non-alcoholic beverages and juices. In 2021, Coca-Cola HBC . increased Selling in Russia At 18.3% 373.3 million cartons, with one package containing about 5.7 liters, which means that sales in Russia amounted to about 2.1 billion liters.

New Coca-Cola

Production of the drink under the changed name will be carried out by the former mayor of Arkhangelsk, Alexander Donskog, according to Belsat.

The media uproar is caused by the naming of the new version of Coca-Cola, which bears the image of Mary with Jesus. However, the product itself believes that it will not be a typical fake – the drink should be made from herbs, spices and berries harvested in the country. Russkaya Cola should be similar in taste, but also to reflect “national peculiarity”.

– I am against fakes, but with high-quality analogues and substitutes. Therefore, taking the proven Coca-Cola as a starting point, we make an independent, ecologically clean local drink from local ingredients and with a Russian character – said Alexander Donskog.

bubble problem

Recently, the Russian daily newspaper “Kommersant” reported that producers of soft drinks in Russia are having problems with a lack of carbon dioxide – which may translate into the production of soft drinks. The agency cites sources in the retail and manufacturing company.

The rest of the article is below the video

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Experts estimate the deficiency of this component at 10-20 percent. And claim that this may lead to a decrease in inventory. Another source said the buying problems started in late May.

The problem of carbon dioxide availability arose as a result of reduced fertilizer production due to sanctions.

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