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Russia. An alarming increase in infection. Most of the new cases in Moscow since the beginning of the epidemic

Russia.  An alarming increase in infection.  Most of the new cases in Moscow since the beginning of the epidemic

Russian authorities report that nearly 90 percent. Of the new infections in Moscow corresponds to the delta variant that was discovered after Once The first in India.

The Moscow administration admits that the capital’s hospitals are in a difficult situation. Officials stress that although the number of places designated for COVID-19 patients has increased from 12,000 to 17,000, there is a shortage of beds and specialized equipment.

The mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, wrote on the Internet a couple of days ago that it is planned to increase the number of places in hospitals to 24,000.

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Corona Virus. The situation in Russia

in six regions Russia Compulsory vaccinations were announced for workers in the fields of education, culture, services and gastronomy. The decision on this matter was made, among other things, by the Moscow administrations, the Moscow regions, as well as the Leningrad region, the center of which is in Saint Petersburg. In the city of Neiva, the risk of infection with the Coronavirus has increased due to the organization of Euro2020.

The Governor of Leningrad Oblast, Alexander Drozdenko, on Friday signed a decree restricting the activities of educational, cultural, service and gastronomic institutions. The document indicates that restrictions will be lifted on those institutions and companies where at least 80 percent of employees will present acceptance certificates Vaccines.

The mayor of Moscow admits: a tragic situation. Compulsory vaccinations

The Leningrad administration decided to limit the so-called elective surgeries to local hospitals and to transfer some of them to temporary hospitals for infectious diseases. Stricter sanitary rules have been in place since June 17 in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast. Previous restrictions were imposed by the Moscow administration.

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According to the inspectors of the Federal Health Supervision Service, the increase in the number of COVID-19 patients is due to a disregard for the basic principles of sanitary safety.

So far, nearly 5.3 million infections and nearly 130,000 infections have been confirmed in Russia. Corona virus related deaths.

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