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Russia and Ukraine war. Switzerland: Cheetah tanks will not go to Poland

Russia and Ukraine war.  Switzerland: Cheetah tanks will not go to Poland

“Germany Leopard 2 A4 tanks can be used freelywhich were already sold to Rheinmetall twelve years ago because there are no longer any requirements,” the Swiss Defense Supply Office said in a statement.

At the same time, the Swiss government indicated in a separate statement that although A neutral country does not allow the re-export of Swiss arms to conflict areasHowever, this rule does not apply to some parts made in Switzerland that may be used by other countries to make weapons.

“Based on the export criteria set forth in the War Materials Act and the principle of equal treatment under the Neutrality Act, Switzerland cannot approve requests for the transfer of war material produced in Switzerland to Ukraine. However, war materials can still be manufactured as separate parts or assembly packages by European defense companies, even if these parts or packages are subsequently delivered to UkraineThe Swiss government said.

Reuters writes that some European countriesDesiring to replenish their stockpiles of weapons after the delivery of military equipment to Ukraine, they applied to Switzerland for surplus materials from the stocks of that country’s armed forces.

However, the government in Bern refused, on the basis of the principle of impartiality, Denmark requested to send Swiss armored personnel carriers to Ukraineprevented the re-export of Swiss ammunition that Germany sent to Ukraine and refused – as Reuters wrote – Poland’s request for a weapon made in Switzerland.

“Leopard 2 A4 tanks will not be delivered to Poland. This will require their decommissioning, and therefore a decision by Parliament” The Defense Supply Bureau announced.

However, two orders from two Swiss companies to export single parts and assembly packages to defense companies in Germany and Italy were accepted. One of them relates to elements for portable anti-tank weapons, the other – elements for anti-aircraft weapons.

“As a rule, the Federal Council approves the export of individual parts and assembly packages if their share of the value of the final product remains below a certain threshold (less than 50% for Italy or Germany). The Federal Council decided to continue this practice with the law of neutrality,” the government said.

The Swiss Land Forces received the first Leopard 2 A4 in 1987; In total, the order was for 380 cars. 35 units were produced in Germany, the rest were manufactured domestically under license. Tanks produced in Switzerland are slightly different in terms of equipment from the standard model.

Switzerland currently operates 134 Leopard 2 A4 tanks, while more than 90 tanks have been sold over the past years, 42 of which have been delivered to Rheinmetall. Some of them have been converted into engineering vehicles, the rest are in storage.

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