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Russia. Another colonel died. Media talking about suicide and witnesses who heard five shots | world News

Russia.  Another colonel died.  Media talking about suicide and witnesses who heard five shots |  world News

On Wednesday (November 16), the independent Russian channel Baza reported on Telegram the death of Colonel Vadim Boyko, 44. Askari was the vice chancellor of the university schools marine in Vladivostok. He also participated in the campaign packing It started in Russia 21 September.

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Russia. The death of a Russian military man. Eyewitnesses heard gunshots

Vadim Boyko came today The job And he put a bullet in his temple, ”according to the Russian Far Eastern newspaper Vedomosti. A similar version of events was also put forward by Vladimir Ushchenko, editor of Nadmorska Public Television. pelsat. However, independent media questioned the suicide hypothesis.

He knows pilsat, According to the independent Russian Baza channel, five shell casings and four Soviet Makarov pistols were found at the crime scene, and it was noted that the man did not leave a suicide note. Witnesses also present a scenario that does not indicate suicide.

According to their accounts, Al-Askari went to his office after coming to work. Five shots were to be fired. The victim’s body had wounds to the chest, not to the head. Therefore, suicide seems unlikely.

Russia. Another strange death of an important manager. 52-year-old found in the balcony

Wave of “suicides” in Russia

This is not the first report of an alleged suicide by a high-ranking figure in the country put it in.

as we wrote, On November 9, Russian media reported that the deputy head of the Russian occupation authorities in the Kherson region, Kirill Strimosov, had been killed. Unofficially, the guy was supposed to die in a car accident.

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In early October, after falling out of a hospital window The chairman of the board of directors of Lukoil, Russia’s largest private oil producer, has died. The man called for “an end to the conflict in Ukraine as soon as possible.”

In mid-October, the 49-year-old Military Commissar Roman Maik died. The man’s body hung on the fence Homepage – reported the independent Belarusian news agency Nexta

Valery RubakovValery Rubakov died. The world opposed the war in Ukraine

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