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Russia. Council members in Moscow and Saint Petersburg want Vladimir Putin to resign

Russia.  Council members in Moscow and Saint Petersburg want Vladimir Putin to resign

More and more members of Russian councils are demanding the resignation of Vladimir Putin. On Monday, Ksenia Torström of the Saint Petersburg City Council announced that deputies from at least 18 districts of Moscow, Saint Petersburg and neighboring Kolpina had signed a declaration on the resignation of the Russian president.

Ksenia Torström, who deals with the collection of signatures, posted on Twitter the content of the letter in which it was stated: “We, members of municipal councils RussiaWe believe that the President’s actions are detrimental to the future of Russia and its citizens. We demand your resignation Russian President Vladimir Putin From the office of the President of the Russian Federation.

“The text of the petition is succinct and does not “distort” anyone. We invite other members of the district councils who want to join” – stressed Torstrem. report: Russia’s attack on Ukraine

Torstrem also published a list of 19 city council members and reported that signatures of another 84 people have been received, and are currently being verified.

Another speech against Putin

This is the third speech by local politicians in recent days against Putin, who has been president since 2000, with a break in 2008-2012, when he became president. Dmitry MedvedevPutin formally ruled the country as prime minister.

On Thursday, members of the Smolninskoye District Council, located in the center of Saint Petersburg, announced that they intend to submit an appeal to the Russian parliament with a motion to accuse Putin of high treason in The war in Ukraine. They justified their initiative by the fact that, according to the current constitution, the president can be removed from power if the State Duma (the lower house of the Russian parliament) accuses him of treason of the state or other serious crimes.

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Vladimir Putin poses with a hawk at the Kamchatka Economic ForumReuters

According to the members of the council, his actions from the very beginning of the war can be taken as the basis for accusing him of treason. Russia’s leader comes from the region whose advisers were the first to appeal to him to resign.

A day later, there are only a few advisors who have come forward with this initiative I called the policeRequests were filed against them for administrative penalties for “defaming the army”.

Fear of Russia falling back into the Cold War era

On Saturday, members of the Lomonosovsk District Council in Moscow called on President Putin to resign from his post. They posted their letter on the website of the District Council, and also sent the official route to the office of the Russian President.

The call was justified, among other things, by the fact that his actions as president sent Russia back into the Cold War era and that the world began to fear Russia again for its threats to use nuclear weapons, and the rhetoric used by him and his subordinates is riddled with aggression.

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