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Russia deploys missiles in Kaliningrad and Belarus. ‘Navy’ about the threat

"Chroniąc flankę wschodnią, NATO chroni też siebie na tyłach, w tych krajach, które są oddalone od Rosji. Przechwytując wystrzeloną rakietę na Zachód u nas, Anglia jest bezpieczniejsza" – mówi w radiu RMF 24 były żołnierz GROM-u, Paweł Mateńczuk, ps.

“By protecting the eastern flank, NATO also protects itself in the depth, in those countries far from Russia. By intercepting a missile launched to the west with us, England is safer” – says former GROM soldier Pawe Mateńczuk on RMF 24 Radio. “Navy”. As he added in an interview with Michał Zieliński, “Ukraine will be able to fight as long as we support it.”

The NATO summit is being held in the Spanish capital. NATO leaders adopted a new strategic concept; In it, they recognized Russia as the greatest and direct threat to the security of allies, peace and stability in the Euro-Atlantic region. NATO also decided to strengthen its eastern flank and invite Finland and Sweden to join. In addition, US President Joe Biden announced in Madrid that the permanent command of the US Army’s Fifth Corps will be established in Poland. How does this change our situation?

Mikhail Zelensky: How would a practitioner, a former soldier, a man who was working on the statements of world leaders that we hear in Madrid react? How do you see these results? How do they really change the situation on a potential battlefield. I knowMore soldiers on the east side, faster reaction and a permanent corps of US troops in Poland – how much does this actually increase our security?

Paweł Mateńczuk Note. “Navy”: It will greatly increase our security. For one simple reason. Possession or stationing of such a US Fifth Corps in Poland completely changes the concept of security. It must be remembered that war does not know the time of day, nor the season of the year, and it can go on permanently for 365 days, 24 hours a year.

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Americans have such a thing as running connected activities around the clock. Something we do not have, because given my military career, it was often the case that on a Friday after 2 pm it was impossible to settle anything in the Polish staff, because all the “door seals” and they left. And Americans have such a strategic peculiarity, they can conduct activities regardless of the time of day and season. When they are here with us, they will work for 24 hours.

That’s something we don’t have yet, because increased combat readiness means someone stays in the office a little bit longer, but isn’t combined into one system. This is what makes you feel safer.

You pay attention to organizational issues. And when it comes to firepower itself, simply put, how much does it increase our odds?

This firepower is definitely changing, because there is nothing to hide, and a Russian tank will not suddenly come out of the bush and attack. Instead, we should fear what the Russians are doing in Ukraine today, and therefore missile attacks. This is, first of all, a threat as Russia deploys its missiles in Kaliningrad and Belarus.

You have to look at it differently. We are not the only ones at risk. Strongly in diplomacy, Russia attacks Great Britain. Recently, there have been announcements of a clash between Norway and Russia. By protecting this eastern flank, NATO also protects itself in the depths in those countries far from Russia. By intercepting a missile launched to the West with us, England is safer.

And since we are talking about Norway, we will mention Sweden and Finland. Their membership in NATO has already been dealt with. How does this improve our security? The Swedes have a powerful fleet. The Finns are fully prepared for a possible defense, they can connect large Russian forces. Please correct me if I am wrong in these overall ratings. How does this change the balance of power on the security map in our region in Europe?

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The Russians, seeing how the whole of NATO works – one for all, all for one – will have to stay on that border in any attempt to attack another country. This actually weakens them and shows that their strength should spread even more than before. Because we already have two such gaps in the north, and now they will merge.

Now let’s look at what is happening in Ukraine. When you look today at the map of these hostilities in our eastern neighbours, what do you see and what do you see in the near future about what is happening there?

As you know, Russia wanted such a huge caterpillar to run over its smaller neighbor. I stressed all the time that if Ukraine survived and survived the 72-hour stay, it would be able to fight perhaps not as an adversary equal to Russia, but it would be able to withstand this major blow. I did it perfectly.

Then I fought for a week, then another month. And that great Russian caterpillar. Who crushes Ukraine, slows hard. Today we have a case of the First World War, when two parties took root on one side and the other from the front, and now there is a war of destruction. I look at her quite honestly.

Ukraine will be able to fight as long as we support it. And President Zelensky is constantly told that he needs ammunition, and that he needs weapons. And this is the truth. We have to rearm them, we have to help them, and all the time. Because if someone says that he received 90 mortars and that he received several dozen tanks, then look at the length of the front line. It is over a thousand kilometers. At this point, 90 howitzers or other equipment are simply absorbed and there is practically no such thing. He hit on schedule.

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This war began to grow tremendously. Let’s remember who is fighting Ukraine. With an economically strong country with a population of more than ten times. As we look at World War II, these resources on the Russian side are almost not exhausted. Ukraine has quite a bit of this. The big role for us and for our NATO allies, so that this war in Ukraine does not become something that turns into everyday life.

Next year’s NATO summit is scheduled to be held in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius. This is also a signal from the West that at that time, as you can imagine, Lithuania aimed to continue to be a country free and secure from Russian ambitions. I ask for a short answer to the last question. What do you think next year will look like? Who will win this war? Can someone win it?

No one will win it for sure, but let’s try to make Ukraine lose as little as possible in this war and end this conflict as soon as possible. There is tremendous human suffering.

As for Lithuania, I also touch on Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. We look at security from Poland’s point of view, and these three countries are in a much worse situation than we are now.

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