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Russia forcibly deports children from Ukraine. Activities bearing the hallmarks of genocide | world News

Russia forcibly deports children from Ukraine.  Activities bearing the hallmarks of genocide |  world News

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Andrei Duda visited Kyiv. “This is the face of war that we must never accept.”

Russian war Against Ukraine, about 200 Ukrainian children were killed and hundreds wounded. Millions of families have been displaced, both inside and outside the country the border. In addition, from the occupied territories, includingat. from Mariupol, Russia People – including children – are forcibly transferred deep into his country.

“After journalists, activists, officials and other civilians, Russia began to kidnap children,” wrote EU Ambassador Matti Macikas, who recently returned to Kyiv. He stressed that the forcible deportation of children and the “adoption” plan by Russian families was “another disgusting violation of international law.”

According to the Ukrainian authorities, she reported that children, including orphans, are taken from those who were captured by the Russians. army The agency says that the land was illegally adopted by Russian families Ukrinform.

Russia wants to “liberate the tongues” of kidnapped children

Lilia Gumeroa, a member of the Federation Council (the upper house of the Russian parliament) said at one of the recent meetings that some children from the “liberated lands” were shocked and did not speak Russian fluently, but only Ukrainian. She announced that they would be sent to summer camps to “free their tongues.”

Forced deportations of children from occupied territories, illegal adoptions and forced language learning are activities that may bear the hallmarks of genocide.

The United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide describes “cultural genocide” activities that involve “the destruction of the characteristics of a particular group,” including by forcibly removing children and preventing the use of the mother tongue.

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