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Russia. FSB officers arrested for failures in Ukraine

Lider Rosji Władimir Putin (fot.  Contributor/Getty Images)

Federal Security Service (FSB) officers are accused of failing at war with Ukraine and imprisoned en masse in the notorious Moscow prisons of Lefortovo and Matroskaya Thyszin. “The reason for this is their negligence,” the independent Russian Telegram channel reported on Monday.

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According to a well-informed channel source in legal circles close to the Russian authorities, There are so many detained FSB officers that the so-called ordinary prisoners are transferred to other institutions Criminal detention centers and pretrial detention.

Lefortowo Prison is a prison that has existed since the 19th century and is known for its During the Stalinist era it was under the control of the KGB Many political prisoners were held there.

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Matrosskaya Tiszyna, in turn, is the number 1 remand center in Russia, where “star template” (Russian state media term – PAP), as they were recently arrested, for example Alexei Navalny, leader of the anti-Kremlin opposition.

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According to Momen Abgasnet, many arrests of members of the Russian intelligence are due to failures at the front.

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FSB accused of underestimating Ukrainian resistance And the fact that its employees received some “inappropriate” information that had an impact on the course of the Russian offensive, He was not involved with Putin.

In addition, FSB officers had to be Very confident of the capture of Kyiv. The authorities accuse them that the so-called agents were sleeping in Kyiv and had long been preparing the way for the capture of the Ukrainian capital, but their number did not translate into the quality of work.

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