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Russia – North Korea. The first train from North Korea to Russia in two years. In the background, US reports of secret arms shipments

Russia - North Korea.  The first train from North Korea to Russia in two years.  In the background, US reports of secret arms shipments

Reuters reported that a North Korean train entered Russia on Friday for the first time in two years. The agency noted that the US authorities were notified earlier that they had information referring to secret arms shipments from North Korea to Russia.

The train crossed the border between North Korea and Russia Friday after two days United States of America They announced that they had information indicating that Pyongyang was secretly supplying artillery to Russia for the war against it Ukraine – Reuters wrote, citing the 38 North think tank, which monitors the situation in North Korea.

Train from North Korea to Russia. “As soon as there is news of an arms sale”

The Washington think tank said it was the first train to enter Russia from that country “in several years”. The information is based on satellite images. It was noted that North Korea’s border with Russia was closed in February 2020 during the epidemic COVID-19.

38 North noted that “determining the train’s destination on the basis of photographs is impossible, but the border was crossed when reports emerged of weapons sales from North Korea to Russia.” It was also pointed out that this is the case when the resumption of trade between the two countries is expected.

Reuters reported that the White House announced on Wednesday that it had information indicating that Pyongyang had secretly donated to Russia a “significant” amount of artillery shells for the war with Ukraine. According to this information, North Korea It intends to deliver weapons through the countries of the Middle East and North Africa. The agency also quoted Pyongyang’s statement in September that the country did not and does not intend to supply the Russians with weapons.

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Meanwhile, the Russian side reported, on Wednesday, sending the first train since the outbreak of the epidemic to North Korea. According to the railway announcement, 30 Orłowo horses – thoroughbred horses bred in Russia were transported in three special carts.

Main image source: Reuters, Planet Labs BBC

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