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Russia – packing. How many Russians came to Georgia? President Salome Zurabishvili released the statements

Russia - packing.  How many Russians came to Georgia?  President Salome Zurabishvili released the statements

Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili stated that 700,000 Russians have entered Georgia since Vladimir Putin declared his alert for war with Ukraine. She also added, many then moved to Armenia, Turkey and other countries, and all seven people remained in her country.

President Salome Zurabishvili said, “After summoning the President of Russia… Russian President Vladimir Putin to fill the border Georgia More than 700,000 Russians.” – 600,000 probably went in different directions: to the neighborhood ArmeniaTurkey and European countries. She added that there were only 100,000 people left. The Georgian president was delivered from the Ukrainian portal Suspilne.

Zurabishvili also said Georgia has accepted nearly 30,000 Ukrainian refugees.

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Russians at the border crossing with Georgia (photo from September 2022)ZURAB KURTSIKIDZE / EPA / PAP

packing in Russia

On September 21, Putin issued a decree to mobilize for war against Ukraine, under which it was planned to appoint about 300,000 people under arms. Reserve soldiers. The Russian authorities claim that the mobilization has ended, but it is not accompanied by an official decree approving this status. There is also contradictory data about how many people were mobilized and who actually made it to the front. Putin said on November 4 that their number was 49,000. defense minister Sergei Shoigu Previously gave the figure 87000.

After ordering a mobilization, hundreds of thousands of Russians left the country to avoid being sent to war. Those who escaped conscription in the army were guided, among other things: to Finland, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Georgia.

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Georgian disagreement over Russia’s approach

The government’s approach in Tbilisi toward the activities of the Kremlin and the influx of Russians into Georgia is ambiguous. The authorities condemned the invasion of Ukraine but decided not to impose sanctions. The Washington Post noted that the government has maintained its policy of visa-free entry into the country, although it has “also denied entry to several prominent Putin critics.”

Georgian authorities – who went to war with Russia in 2008 – want to avoid another war. Commentators assert that after 14 years, Russia is still failing to comply with the ceasefire agreement and is expanding its control over the illegally occupied territories of Georgia-Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali region/South Ossetia. However, Georgia relies on remittances from its citizens working in Russia. It is also not without significance that for the local tourism industry, Russian guests have been an important source of income for many years.

Explaining the policy towards Moscow, Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili said his country “attends to the national interests”. Eka Sebashvili, a member of parliament who recently left the ruling Georgian Dream party, said Georgia was “taking a pragmatic attitude towards Russia”.

Georgia lost the war with Russia in South OssetiaGetty Images

The opposition notes that the Georgian dream was founded by “an oligarch who made a fortune in Russia” and believes that the party “kept the country away from the West while trying to maintain a peaceful relationship with Putin.” In the background, there are fears that Putin could cause conflict in Georgia on the pretext of defending the Russian minority who live here. “Russia wants to destroy the state of Georgia,” said Giga Bokeria, leader of the Georgian European Political Party.

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Main image source: ZURAB KURTSIKIDZE / EPA / PAP

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