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Russia. Sanctions against the United States. In the list, including. Joe Biden, John McCain, Morgan Freeman

Russia.  Sanctions against the United States.  In the list, including.  Joe Biden, John McCain, Morgan Freeman

Russia on Saturday released an updated list of 963 Americans barred from entering Russia. The list also includes the names of US President Joe Biden, several representatives of his administration, but the late Senator John McCain and the famous Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman. The Washington Post points out that “a key name” is not on the list.

Russian invasion of Ukraine. Read the report on

The new list of Russian sanctions against the United States has been reported by several US media outlets, including CNN and the Washington Post. They cite information provided by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The list includes President Joe Biden, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, CIA Director William Burns and FBI Director Christopher Ray.

The Washington Post estimates that the list includes key Biden executives, including Vice President Kamala Harris, Transport Secretary Pete Boutique and former White House spokeswoman Jen Zaki. “Hunter Biden, the president’s son, is listed as well as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,” it wrote.

Some have been subject to restrictions before

The list of 963 Americans compiled by the Russian Foreign Office includes Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives; There are many members of Congress, including Schumer and Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy. According to Reuters, this is a sign that US-Russian relations have deteriorated since Russia’s occupation of Ukraine.

“(These) counter-sanctions are necessary and are designed to force the ruling US regime to seek to impose a neo-colonial ‘rules-based world order’ on the rest of the world,” he said. ” Reads an excerpt from the report.

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Including some on the Saturday list Biden, Blingen and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin were subject to sanctions in early March..

Media: The late Senator John McCain was among those barred from entering Russia

The U.S. media point out that the list of people barred from entering Russia by 963 names includes many representatives of the current US administration, but also journalists, lawyers, those associated with the technology sector, and representatives of pop culture. There are those who are already dead.

Among the dead on the list of Russian sanctions were senators John McCain (who died in 2018), Harry M. Reid (died 2021) and Orrin G. Hatch (died 2022). McCain is a senior Vietnamese man, a longtime member of the US Congress and a candidate for the US presidency in 2008, who lost to Barack Obama in the White House battle.

John McCain, among others, was a candidate for the presidency of the United StatesMichael Reynolds / EPA / PAP

Filmmakers, including Morgan Freeman, are also on the list

“Russia hits Hollywood,” CNN writes. Also on the list are actor Morgan Freeman and fellow filmmaker Rob Rainer. In 2017, the broadcaster recalled that Rainer was involved in promoting a committee to investigate and detect Russian attacks on democracy, and appeared in a video posted on the Freeman organization’s website.

“Russia has focused on the US technology sector by listing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft CEO Brad Smith,” CNN reported.

Morgan FreemanJulien Reynaud / APS-Medias / ABACAPRESS.COM / PAP

Washington Post: Donald Trump has been dropped from the list

The Washington Post also writes that “a prominent name” – former President Donald Trump – has been dropped from the list. “In fact, the only key Trump executive banned is former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo,” he added.

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Washington Post, CNN, PAP

Main photo source: Michael Reynolds / EPA / PAP

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