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Russia sponsors terrorism. European Parliament decision

in European Parliament decision I thought Russia launch “large-scale attacks on populated areas and civilian infrastructure” in Ukrainein which thousands of people died.

The document added that the aggressors in the occupied territories carry out “summary executions, kidnappings, sexual violence, torture and other atrocities.” The massacres in Bokza, Irbich, Izyum and Liman are also mentioned, as well as the attacks on the Mariupol theater and the station in Kramatorsk.

European Parliament Resolution: Russia as a State Sponsor of Terrorism

The authors also estimated that Russia violated the principles of the United Nations Charter, caused a humanitarian crisis in Mariupol and destroyed 95 percent of the city, It cuts off Ukrainians’ access to gas, electricity and water Internet and essential goods and services.

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Members of the European Parliament In the document, they called on the member states of the European Union to recognize Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism, which could entail “all negative consequences.”

They also propose the creation of an international tribunal to look into crimes against Ukraine. Such an institution would not only hold the president accountable Russian President Vladimir Putinbut also the military and citizens who support the war.

Polish threads in the European Parliament’s decision

also summoned European CommissionTo develop legislation to confiscate the frozen assets of the Russian elite. Moreover, according to the authors of the resolution, the lack of proper accountability for the crimes committed by the USSR only leads to their repetition today in Ukraine.

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Dorota Bawołek, Polsat News’ Brussels correspondent, reported last week that, at the request of members of the European Political Law party, information about secession was added to the text of the decision. Polish Tu-154 in Smolensk – In the context of the shooting down of MH17 by the Russians. The law calls for the Kremlin to hand over the machine’s black boxes.

One of the signatories to the resolution, Ryszard Czernicki, said that “Russia is not cooperating in the investigation by not responding to demands for the return of the plane’s wreckage and black boxes.”

The draft document also includes a record about a rocket that fell in Przewodów, Lublin, last week. It was confirmed that this happened during the Russian attacks on Ukraine, as a result of which citizens of our country were killed.

The European Parliament document echoes Rao’s words

The resolution also notes that Russia has “supported and financed terrorist regimes and organizations for years,” “poses a threat to security and safety throughout the European continent,” and “spreads disinformation.”

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The MEPs also took note of the “Statement of 14 March 2022 by Zbigniew Rau, current President of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, which described the attacks by the Government of the Russian Federation against innocent civilians and civilian infrastructure in Ukraine as “state terrorism””.

Decisions of the European Parliament have no legal force – they express the position of society on important issues. It also guides member states when making decisions.

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