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Russia, Ukraine. Dmitry Peskov “regular threats” to the United States

Russia, Ukraine.  Dmitry Peskov "regular threats" to the United States

– Again Invasion of Ukraine Would be disastrous RussiaAnd the President Vladimir Putin He had never seen that ObstaclesAs I promised him, he said Wednesday US President Joe Biden. He also declared that the United States did not want to withdraw its troops from the East NATOThe opposite is true: the presence of forces increases.

– Reports of threats against Russia are not conducive to reducing tensions, and hot heads of Ukrainian officials may raise the idea of ​​a resolution. Donbass issue Forcibly, he declared Pyskov During the press conference.

Threats against RussiaPeskov said Moscow would have to sound envious of some imaginary act.

– Statements by US officials that Ukraine will not be allowed into NATO in the future do not mean that it will not happen in the medium term – Peskov stressed.

– This does not mean refusing to allow Ukraine in the Middle Ages. This middle perspective, in view of the dialectic of the development of international relations, for a moment, the Kremlin spokesman commented on the speech of US President Joe Biden on Wednesday.

– Therefore, all of these need to be further explained, and most importantly the written answers to our questions, we look forward to in the coming days – said Peskov. This is about the Russian The so-called claims are legal guarantees Not extending NATO east.

On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden announced that he would increase the number of troops in the east and impose sanctions in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. But, some of his speech came as a shock. Biden has suggested that Russia’s “small infiltration” into Ukraine will not meet NATO’s reaction. His speech met with waves of criticism.

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