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Russia-Ukraine War 2022 – Live [Relacja – środa 30 marca]

Russia-Ukraine War 2022 - Live [Relacja - środa 30 marca]

More than a month has passed since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine. There are some indications that the Russian forces are regrouping in order to focus their activities towards the east, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said in a press release. The British Ministry of Defense said that “the Russian units, which suffered heavy losses, were forced to return to Belarus and Russia for reorganization and renewal.” On we present a report on the situation in Ukraine.

> Vladimir Putin announced the start of the invasion of Ukraine on the morning of February 24. Although missiles have been dropped on Ukrainian military and civilian targets since then, the Russian military has not yet been able to capture them. Kyiv.

> The mayor of Arbian, near Kyiv, also reported the outcome of the fighting About 50 percent of the city’s buildings were destroyed. Oleksandr Markuszin was quoted online by the Ukrainian Truth newspaper as saying that there are still between 3.5 and 4,000 people in Irpen.

> The information agency of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported that Russian Colonel Denis Koryo, commander of the elite motorized rifle brigade from the Murmansk region, was killed during the fighting.

> The Pentagon has noticed Movements of a small number of Russian forces north of Kyiv. – But we believe this is a change of position and not a real withdrawal – said US Defense Department spokesman John Kirby at the conference.

  • The Russian Navy bans more than 90 ships that supply food to the world in the Black Sea region Wendy Sherman, the US deputy secretary of state, announced on Tuesday. 30 percent of world wheat exports and 75 percent. She pointed out that the sunflower oil comes from this region, which is currently subject to military operations.

    “The Russians have shot at least three civilian ships carrying goods from the Black Sea ports so far,” Sherman told the UN Security Council.

    She added that the consequences of Vladimir Putin’s war are also being felt beyond Ukraine’s borders and directly affect global food security.

  • at most 145 children have died so far in Ukraine The Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office announced, on Wednesday, the result of the Russian armed aggression. above 220 children injured.

    790 educational institutions were destroyed as a result of the bombing and rocket fire, and 75 were completely destroyed.

    “These figures are not complete because it is not possible to study the situation in the places where military operations are taking place and in the areas temporarily occupied by Russia,” she added.

  • British intelligence: Russia’s stated focus on the offensive in Donetsk and Luhansk is likely an tacit admission that it has difficulty maintaining more than one axis of attack.

  • At the moment, it cannot be said that Russia has reduced the intensity of military operations in the Kyiv and Chernihiv states in northern Ukraine. – Adviser to the Head of the Interior Ministry Vadim Denisenko said Wednesday, citing the Ukrainian Interfax agency.

    Denisenko emphasized that on the night of Tuesday, anti-aircraft alarms were announced practically throughout the country, the Russians fired at Chernihiv, the Khmelnitsky region, and anti-aircraft missiles shot down Russian missiles over Kyiv.

    In the vicinity of Irpin, northwest of Kyiv, all night combat could be heard. – It can be said that some units and equipment are withdrawing to Belarus. Denisenko emphasized that this sounds more like alternation and licking of wounds than a real suspension of combat operations.

  • British military intelligence claims that Russian forces, which suffered heavy losses in the fighting in Ukraine, were forced to withdraw to Belarus and Russia to regroup and replenish.

    “These actions create additional pressure on already strained Russian logistics and illustrate the difficulties the Russians are having in regrouping their forces in forward areas of Ukraine,” the British Ministry of Defense said in its daily intelligence update.

    According to London, Russia will likely continue to compensate for its limited maneuverability with massive artillery strikes and missile launches.

  • This morning, Wednesday, Russian forces bombed residential buildings in Lisichańsk in eastern Ukraine. There are victims – Serhiy Hedag, the head of the authorities of the Luhansk region, reported via telegram. The bombing took place in about an hour. 6.30 local time (5.30 in Poland).

    “There has been great destruction in the skyscrapers, and the information on the number of victims is not yet known. The rescue operation is underway,” Hajjaj added.

  • In order to replenish its forces in Ukraine, Russia has deployed forces from the occupied Georgian territories: Abkhazia and South Ossetia, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced in a statement Wednesday morning.

    As added, these are the soldiers of the 4th Russian military base in South Ossetia And the seventh military base in Abkhazia. They belong to the Southern Military District of Russia. According to information from the Ukrainian side, three tactical battalion groups (up to 1,200 personnel) were formed from the forces of the 4th base, and two tactical battalions (800 personnel) from the troops stationed in Abkhazia.

    The headquarters’ report indicated that the Russians were committing crimes in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, including in one of the villages Zaporizhia region They placed weapons between apartment buildings. About Melitopol In the southeast, they set up checkpoints and checked documents at the entrance to the city. It was also reported that the enemy ransacked houses and apartments and detained pro-Ukrainian activists and representatives of the authorities.

    It is reported that the Russians intend to start mobilizing in the occupied areas of Luhansk Oblast in eastern Ukraine from April 1. It was repeated that the Russian side was trying to supplement the personnel of its forces.

    And in Donbass, during the past 24 hours, the Ukrainian forces repelled four enemy attacks and inflicted losses on heavy equipment and personnel.

  • Serhiy Kiselica, the permanent representative of Ukraine to the United Nations, told the UN Security Council on Tuesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin is deliberately using food as a weapon against the Ukrainian people.

    Putin is not the first dictator to use food as a weapon against the Ukrainian nation. The ideological messenger Stalin to Moscow killed millions of Ukrainians 90 years ago during an artificially produced Great Famine. It is not surprising that Putin, who honors Stalin as his grandfather, followed the same practice, Kiselica said at the UN Security Council meeting devoted to the humanitarian situation in Ukraine.

  • Later this week, some Ukrainian mining plants will begin to partially resume production and restore export capacity, Ukraine’s Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kobrakov told Ukrinform.

    – In recent weeks, we have actively cooperated with the industrial sector to restore our production and export potential. More specifically, we tested the all-mineral compound last week, and there are some results. Kubrakov said some companies will resume operations later this week.

    As he added, there are some logistical problems – the ports are not working. – But we are rebuilding the logistics to enable them to operate. The minister stressed that this is important for many cities, where mainly such factories create job opportunities.

  • There are some indications that Russian forces are regrouping in order to focus their activities towards the east, according to a statement from the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

    As of 00:00 on March 30, 2020, the Russian invaders failed to reach the administrative borders of the region Donetsk And the LuganskGo around the city of Kyiv and rule the part on the left bank of Ukraine – reads the ad.

    At present, individual units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue to withdraw from the area Kyiv And the Chernihiv. The agency quoted in a statement issued by the Ukrainian General Staff that there are some indications that the Russian soldiers are regrouping in order to focus their activities towards the east.

    Ukrinform notes that, according to the General Staff, the so-called “troop withdrawal” may also be an alternative for some units in order to mislead the leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and create the false impression that Russia has abandoned the encirclement of Kyiv. According to the press release, the positions of the Russian forces in other regions have fundamentally not changed.

  • Over the past month, a total of 3.9 million people left Ukraine and 6.5 million had to move within the country – said the UN Deputy Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Joyce Msuya.

    Speaking at the UN Security Council meeting devoted to discussing the humanitarian situation in Ukraine, she added that according to March 27 data, 1,119 Ukrainian citizens were killed, including 99 children.

  • Maxar has published the latest satellite images:

  • At the Conference of the Latin American Regional Organization FAOwhich was held in the capital of Ecuador, Quito, the main theme was the threat of malnutrition or starvation of millions of the poorest population, which was exacerbated by the armed Russian invasion of Ukraine South America And the Caribbean.

    It was emphasized that due to the war and the blockade of the ports, the supply of maize from Ukraine, which represents 16 percent of the country, stopped. Its world production and rye, which is exported to world markets by 29% is Ukraine and Russia, promises a sharp increase in its prices on the world market.

  • Mayor of Berlin Francesca Givi In an interview with the RBB24 portal, she spoke in favor of the concept of building so-called modular homes, which would allow for faster admission and accommodation of refugees from Ukraine.

    – Initially, we wanted to organize effective reception and registration points for refugees. Everything is going well now, and the center is operating at Tegel Airport. We know there are more people in Berlin waiting to register and stay there.

  • “Repeated Russian failures and successful counterattacks by Ukrainian forces mean that the Russian offensive almost certainly did not achieve its objective of encircling Kyiv,” the British Ministry of Defense assesses.

    “Russian statements about reducing activity around Kyiv and reports of the withdrawal of some Russian units from these areas may indicate that Russia has accepted the loss of the initiative in the region. It is likely that Russia will seek to redirect combat forces from the region. From the north to the offensive in Donetsk and Luhansk states. In the East ”- it was written in the daily intelligence update.

  • Ukrainian media reported, referring to the governor of the Belgorod region Vyacheslav GladkovThat near the Russian Belgorodseveral kilometers from the border with Ukraine, an explosion occurred.

    The explosion was supposed to take place in the village Krasnig Oktyabr. UNIAN publishes a video showing the explosion. According to information in the Russian media, no one was killed, no civilians were injured, and four Russian soldiers were injured.

  • He said that the signs are positive, but they will not quell the explosions of Russian missiles Volodymyr ZelenskyReferring to the peace negotiations with Russia. He also called for tougher sanctions so that “real peace prevails.”

    In a letter published on Telegram, Zelensky emphasized that the Ukrainian authorities see all the risks and see no basis for believing the words said by representatives of the country that continues the war against Ukraine. He reiterated that Kyiv is ready to talk.

    – Russian forces must leave the occupied territories, sovereignty and territorial integrity must be guaranteed – he emphasized and emphasized that there would be no concessions regarding sovereignty and territorial integrity.

This is how we reported on events in Ukraine:

Main image source: PAP / EPA / ROMAN PILIPEY

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