October 21, 2021

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Russia-United States.  Paul Whelan, a prisoner in Russia, calls on Joe Biden to act on detained U.S. citizens

Russia-United States. Paul Whelan, a prisoner in Russia, calls on Joe Biden to act on detained U.S. citizens

“We urgently need strong action,” Paul Whelan, an American convicted in Russia, told CNN. He called on Joe Biden in an interview with Vladimir Putin on the issue of American citizens being imprisoned in Russia for political reasons.

According to CNN, Paul Whelan is not only an American citizen, but also an Irish, British and Canadian citizen. He has been serving a 16-year prison sentence for spying on a labor camp in Mordovia for more than two years. He vehemently denies the allegations. CNN interviewed the man by phone.

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“This is the question of Russia v. America.”

American calls on US President Joe Biden to “dynamically discuss and resolve” the issue of detention of American citizens for political purposes Meets President Vladimir Putin in Geneva in June.

“This is not Russia’s question against me, this is Russia’s question against the United States. The United States must respond to this hostage diplomatic situation and resolve it as soon as possible,” Whelan said. In his view, “decisive action is urgently needed” to stop the abduction of American citizens.

He added that he had a “positive feeling” about the meeting of the two leaders. He called them “a good step in the right direction.” “I know President Biden and Secretary Anthony Blingen are working to free me and return home,” he continued.

In late May, Blinken raised the case of Whelan and fellow American prisoner Trevor Reid with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. According to the White House, Biden will discuss the full range of “burning issues” with Putin in Geneva, including arms control, the conflict in Ukraine and human rights abuses.

American Paul Whelan is serving a sentence in a labor camp in MordoviaYuri Kochetkov / Pop / EPA

“Biden took a much tougher stance on Moscow than his predecessor, President Donald Trump, and in April announced comprehensive sanctions against him for interfering in the US elections.

“This was done for political reasons only”

Whelan was detained in December 2018 at a Moscow hotel. Russian officials blamed the intelligence operations. U.S. officials have condemned the sentence, and Whelan denies the allegations. “There is no crime. There is no evidence. The covert trial is a myth. .

“It’s been more than two years. It’s almost 888 days, which is more than twice the number of U.S. citizens held hostage in Tehran,” the prisoner added.

Key Photo Source: Yuri Kochetkov / Pop / EPA

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