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Russian gas. Gazprom has stopped deliveries to France

Russian gas.  Gazprom has stopped deliveries to France

French gas pipeline operator GRTGaz announced that Since June 15, Russian gas supplies to France have been suspended Agence France-Presse announced, on Friday, its implementation with a pipeline system.

In addition, the decrease in deliveries was confirmed Austrian OMV company And the Czech CEZ. on the other side Slovak company SPPThe main importer of gas in Slovakia said that it expects on June 17 to reduce supplies to Slovakia by about 50 percent. The Center for Oriental Studies writes.

Gazprom also reduced by 50 percent. The daily gas supply of the Italian company Eni. This is another day of reduced Russian gas supplies to Italy. Eni’s concern announced on Friday that Gazprom had informed the company that it would supply it with 50 percent. raw materials. Gazprom sent the Italian side on Thursday 65 percent. Daily demand, and on Wednesday the reduction was 15 percent.

After Russia cut off gas supplies, The German government resumed For people to save energy.

Gas prices rose after threats from Russia

The Russian company states that technical problems are the official reason. Some of the gas turbines operating on Nord Stream 1 have undergone routine renovation work in Canada. According to Russia, sanctions imposed by that country (including Gazprom) prevent Germany’s Siemens Energy from returning refurbished machines.

The restrictions imposed on Russian gas supplies coincided with the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, Thursday, to Kyiv.

On Thursday, gas at the Dutch TTF hub rose dramatically due to reduced supplies via the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline. In two days, contracts with July delivery increased by 60% in two days, from just over €80 to over €130. per megawatt-hour. Gas prices on Friday evening are still above 120 euros per megawatt-hour.

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