Recently, a lot has been said about the so-called cyberwar. Some time ago Poland was probably victimized by Russian hackersBut similar incidents are happening in other countries.

Attack on the banking system in Germany

Russia needs censorship from Google

A few days ago, attacks on vital infrastructure and banking systems were seen in Germany. According to Bild Daily, Russian hackers from the “Fancy Bear” group must be behind the attack.. The truth of the attack was confirmed by the Central Office for Information Security. Sanctions imposed on Russia and Belarus are cited as possible reasons, In retaliation, hackers tried to disconnect Germany from Swift International Banking.

Attack ransomware and 200 firm w USA

On Friday, the US Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Corporation announced ransomware attacks on 200 local companies. The attack focused on Florida-based Cassia, which develops software to manage IT infrastructure. After the thread for the ball, the criminals found some of the company’s customers. The situation is very worrying as Kasaya operates in 10 countries and has 10,000 customers. As a curiosity, let’s add that the coupe supermarket chain in Sweden is probably an unexpected victim of attacks. As a result of the attack, cash registers in stores stopped working.

Biden replied

The attack was so serious that US President Joe Biden handled the matter. He appointed an intelligence agency to investigate whether the attack was linked to the Russian government. He also promised that if the current assumptions came true, the United States would take appropriate action. At present, all suspicions are directed towards the Rev. Group, which is affiliated with Russia. The group was already known to Americans, and the FBI accused it of carrying out another attack on the American company JBS in May this year.

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Source: BAP, Polka Times

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