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Russian oligarchs lose their boats at taxpayers’ expense. “Employees must be paid”

Russian oligarchs lose their boats at taxpayers' expense.  "Employees must be paid"

The agency noted rising cost-of-living takeovers by the US and other governments Western yachts owned by Russian oligarchs or as the case may be Amadei Only associated with them. “It’s a PR win for the West, but a real mess from a legal and financial point of view” – noted Bloomberg. The company estimates the annual cost of maintaining a boat at 10 to 15 percent. its values; The governments of the United States and Italy will allocate more than $50 million for this purpose. “Some countries will partially pass these costs on to taxpayers” – pointed out.

This includes the maintenance of Amadea, which is stationed in San Diego, USA Fees of the Board of Engineers To ensure no leakage Fuel, persons responsible for cleaning the vessel and its water filtration systems. Constant operation of energy-consuming air conditioning is essential due to immobility in salt water and humid environments. The daily fee for a place on the dock is almost a thousand dollars, and for this alone 120 thousand dollars have been allocated so far. hole Amadea’s annual maintenance is nearly $10 million.

Costs on the shoulders of taxpayers

The yacht was acquired in Fiji this yearAccording to the US administration, he belongs to a Russian oligarch who is subject to Western sanctions Suleiman Kerimov. The vessel, valued at more than USD 300 million, was towed to the port in San Diego in late June by American services. Other features on board include two pianos, a mosaic-decorated pool and one of the last Fabergé eggs. “The cost of maintaining all of these things is on the shoulders of American taxpayers,” Bloomberg emphasized.

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The company said it could take several years to make a decision on the boats’ future. “For example, as the United States has announced, some countries may try to take them and sell them,” it said. “It is, however process Providing the court with evidence that the vessel was acquired through illegal activities is complicated, and in the Amadea case it would be avoiding sanctions. Above all, however, the United States must prove who the boat really belongs to, which is made more difficult by the extensive network of front companies used by Russian oligarchs,” Bloomberg said.

In March, the United States and the Allies formed A special committee to acquire the assets of Russian oligarchs Repo (Russian Elites, Proxies and Oligarchs). Since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Western governments have seized more than a dozen boats linked to oligarchs. Their value was estimated at at least four billion dollars – Bloomberg recalled.

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