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Russian ships carrying stolen Ukrainian grain are not allowed into the ports

Russian ships carrying stolen Ukrainian grain are not allowed into the ports

CNN has identified the ship as the bulk carrier, Matros Bozinic. On April 27, the ship lifted anchor off the coast of Crimea and turned off the transponder. The next day, he was seen in the port of Sevastopol, the main port of Crimea.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine estimates this after the Russian invasion At least 400,000 tons of grain were stolen and deported from Ukraine. Matros Bozynic will be one of three ships dealing in stolen grain.

From Sevastopol, Matros Bozinich headed to the Egyptian port of Alexandria, according to satellite images and data reviewed by CNN. According to Ukrainian officials, there were approximately 30 thousand on board. tons of Ukrainian wheat.

Egypt did not allow the ship to enter the port. Bozinic sailed towards the Lebanese capital, Beirut, with the same result. According to CNN, The ship is currently in the Syrian port of Latakia. The Syrian regime has close relations with Russia (the bulk carrier, Matros Pozynich, is named after a Russian soldier who was killed in Syria in 2015). The grain could be reloaded to another ship in Latakia to conceal its source.

Matros Bozinic It is one of three bulk carriers registered with Crane Marine Contractor and headquartered in Astrakhan, Russia. The company is not subject to international sanctions.

The Russian army steals grain from Ukraine

At the end of April, the Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Agriculture expressed his concernsthat most Russians will fall prey to the group 1.5 million tons of grain stored in the occupied territories.

Ukraine was one of the world’s largest grain exporters. Before the war, our neighbors were the fifth largest exporter of wheat in the worldThe country has been developing so dynamically that it will enter the top three this year. However, Russian aggression thwarted the plans of the Ukrainians, and its effects are already felt by the world today. Food shortages are already visible in Egypt and North African countries, where Ukraine was one of the most important suppliers of grain.

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