October 21, 2021

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Russians fly into space to shoot a feature film.  They are scheduled to arrive at the International Space Station on Tuesday

Russians fly into space to shoot a feature film. They are scheduled to arrive at the International Space Station on Tuesday

Last year, NASA announced that Tom Cruise He will fly to the International Space Station to film the first real space station there Movie Imaginary. The Russians could not remain indifferent to such an announcement, so they immediately took action – and once again proved that they are faster than the Americans. On October 5, the crew of the film “The Challenge” left the Bagkonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. In addition to starring Julia Peresild and director Klim Szypienka, Soyuz also has cosmonaut Anton Scaplerov.

NASA confirms Tom Cruise will make a movie on the International Space Station

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The Russians accepted the American “challenge”. Tom Cruise won’t be the first to play in space

The main character of “The Challenge” is a doctor who receives a call to the International Space Station, where an astronaut in need of immediate assistance is staying. According to “The New York Times”, Oleg Nowicki and Pyotr Dobro, who have been present at the International Space Station since April, will participate in the shooting, with the exception of Zakopelro. The role of a sick astronaut went to Nowicki.

Actress Julia Peresild, who needs airline In space it must go through a quick preparation process, She said at a press conference on Monday:

It was mentally, physically and morally difficult. But I believe that once we reach the goal everything will look better and we will remember this time with a smile. (…) It’s especially difficult at first because you don’t have a lot of options – go, run, go faster, stop and go over and over again. We didn’t expect it to be this difficult, but we did.

– This is a unique experience: preparing people who have never dealt with any space program before for space flight – said Anton Schableroff, adding that this process may be useful in the future, if there is indeed an urgent need to send an external expert into orbit.

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Russia in space movieRussia in space movie AP / AP

Cinematic sequences in space have always been shown on the big screen using advanced sound and graphics technology, but a feature-length movie in space has never been filmed and directed before. According to the plan of the filmmakers, the “Challenge” will include 35-40 minutes of footage filmed in one of the Russian parts of the International Space Station. Klim Zybenko emphasized that his goal was to make the experience of outer space through the eyes of an ordinary person, like the doctor played by Peresild. We want everyone to be able to see at least part of it in it, said the director.