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Russia’s attack on Ukraine. The United States will train Ukrainian artillery. The German Chancellor called for decisive action

Russia's attack on Ukraine.  The United States will train Ukrainian artillery.  The German Chancellor called for decisive action

The United States is set to begin training US artillery on Ukrainian artillery, according to Reuters on Monday. In turn, leaders of the German CDU, Greens and FDP criticized President Olaf Scholes for delaying the supply of arms to Ukraine.

The U.S. military predicts that the Ukrainian military will begin training in the use of howitzers in the coming days, Reuters quoted a senior U.S. defense official as saying. He also said that exercises will be held outside Ukraine.

Scholz called for decisive action on arms distribution

“This open dispute in the coalition over the supply of arms to Ukraine is damaging our country’s reputation in the world,” Bildt was quoted as saying by CDU President Friedrich Merz Funke in a statement to the media on Monday. In Germany, not only politicians from the opposition CDU / CSU parties, but also allied partners of the Green Party and the FDP are calling on President Olaf Scholes (SPD) to act decisively on the issue of arms supply.

Mary-Agnes Strock-Zimmerman (FDP), chair of the Bundestag’s defense committee, criticized President Scholes’ approach at the “Weld” on Monday, saying he had not yet made a decision. As Strock-Zimmerman points out, he regrets that the Chancellor did not make it clear that Germany was ready to supply heavy weapons. “This is not a time for debate, it’s not just for Ukraine, it’s for us in Europe,” he explained.

Olaf ScholesPAP / EPA / Henning Schacht / Pool

On Friday it was announced that the government plans to significantly increase funding for military purchases in partner countries this year – from 22 225 million to 2 2 billion, with Ukraine set to receive more than half. The decision was criticized by CDU politician Norbert Rodgen, who argued that “Ukraine cannot defend itself with money, it needs weapons, and as soon as possible.”

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Anton Hofreiter (Greens), chairman of the Bundestag’s European affairs committee, one of Scholz’s strongest critics in recent days, said the increase in financial aid was “a good first step, but it could not replace the direct supply of arms.” With the exception of the SPD, AfD and the Left Party, the majority in the Pantastok are in favor of supplying heavy weapons to Ukraine, the DPA recalls.

Main photo source: STR / PAP / EPA

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