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Russia’s Ministry of Defense: US ship attempts to enter Japanese waters. The position of the US military

Russia's Ministry of Defense: US ship attempts to enter Japanese waters.  The position of the US military

Safi, the US naval destroyer in the Sea of ​​Japan, tried to cross the Russian border, but was stopped by Russian Admiral Tripuk, the Russian Defense Ministry said. The U.S. military believes the report is incorrect.

“On the morning of Moscow time the US destroyer Safi approached Russia’s regional waters. Admiral Trypuk warned that such actions are unacceptable,” – said the Russian Defense Ministry.

An attempt was made to cross the Russian border at Peter the Great Bay.

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Admiral Tripuke, acting in accordance with the rules of international navigation, chose a course to push the intruder out of Russian territorial waters. The Russian ministry said the US ship, which had confirmed the reshuffle of the Russian ship’s crew, had changed direction and chosen a return course.

American Destroyer Sophie in Peter the Great BayReuters

The position of the US military

Missile destroyer Safi “The U.S. military said it was conducting routine operations in international waters off the coast of Japan 65 yards (60 meters) from the U.S. ship, but all communications were safe and professional.”

“The report of the Russian Ministry of Defense about the connection between our two naval vessels is false,” the US military statement said. “At all times, USS Safi conducted operations in accordance with international law and customs,” he added.

American Destroyer Sophie in Peter the Great BayReuters

Incident at Peter the Great Bay. The American ship tried to occupy the Russian border

A similar incident took place in November 2020. Later, during a voyage in the Sea of ​​Japan, the USS missile destroyer USS John S. McCain entered the basin near Peter the Great Bay, assuming that Russia was its own territorial waters and confirmed its international status. US page.

Key Photo Source: Reuters

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