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Russia’s UN representative retracts Sikorsky’s tweet on Nord Stream

Russia's UN representative retracts Sikorsky's tweet on Nord Stream
  • In his speech, Russia’s delegate to the United Nations cited several facts in his opinion that support suspicion towards the United States.
  • Sikorsky’s entry appeared in the Russian ambassador’s speech as fact number three. – said Nebenzia, realizing yesterday that apparently he had said too much, he deleted his tweet
  • “This is how the brain of the Civic Tribune made its way to the international forums. Congratulations on the fame,” Deputy Foreign Minister Simon Sinkowski Phil Sok wrote on Twitter.
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Is what happened to Nord Stream good for the United States? naturally. Nebenzia said at the United Nations Security Council meeting that American LNG suppliers should celebrate the multiple increase in LNG supplies to the European continent.

He expressed his conviction that the damage to the gas pipeline contributed to breaking the independence of the European Union in the field of energy. In his opinion, the European Union has repeatedly stressed the importance and support of the Nord Stream project, and Russia will not harm the pipeline in which it has invested money.

Nebenzia later stated in his speech that the attack could not be organized by “simple terrorists” and must be carried out with the assistance of the state or state-controlled entities. According to the diplomat, Russia will identify the culprits behind it.

In his speech, the representative of Russia to the United Nations pointed out several facts that, in his opinion, would raise suspicion towards the United States.

At first, he referred to Joe Biden’s statement in February of this year. Two weeks before the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the US president argued that if war broke out, “Nord Stream 2 no longer exists.” Asked by reporters how this would happen, he added: “We will be able to do it.” Most likely, he meant the suspension of its launch, which the Germans decided on February 22.

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The rest of the article is available under the video

After that, Nebenzia spoke about the NATO maneuvers BALTOPS carried out in mid-June in the Baltic Sea and the movements of naval units near the island of Bornholm.

Sikorsky’s entry appeared in the Russian ambassador’s speech as fact number three. In his opinion, the former head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs openly thanked the United States for this sabotage. He also cited later translations of the Polish politician that there were other pipelines to transport gas to Europe, and Nord Stream’s only rationale was that Putin could blackmail or wage war with Eastern Europe with impunity.

Screenshot of Radosław Sikorski’s post –

– Yesterday he realized, apparently, that he said a lot, [Sikorski — red.] He deleted his tweet. Wasilege Nebenzia added that we could not help but note that Mr. Sikorsky’s wife, Anne Applebaum, is someone with access to the circle of power in Washington.

“The representative of Russia at the United Nations is pleased to quote Radoslaw Sikorsky’s entry for the purpose of spreading Russian propaganda. In this way, the “mind” of the civil tribune penetrated international forums. Congratulations on the fame” – Deputy Foreign Minister Szymon Szynkowski aka Sęk wrote on Twitter. The entry was accompanied by a fragment of the Russian ambassador’s speech, when he showed a printed tweet of PO MEP.

“Thank you, USA” and attached photo of gurgling water at the Nord Stream spill site. was enough for Radosław Sikorski caused a storm not only in Poland but also in the world. However, the entry on the politician’s profile can no longer be found.

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Before this happened, Russia carefully used the entry of MEPs. Commented on, among others, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. – We see the hysterical and jubilant reaction of the Poles, on the verge of insanity, thanks to the United States for this. We also do not know what this thanks means – announced.

The US State Department also responded to the proposal of the former head of the State Department. A spokesman for Ned Price criticized this view. The notion that the United States was involved in any way in the apparent sabotage of these pipelines is preposterous. He said that this is only a function of Russian disinformation and should be treated as such.

Sikorsky’s entry was also criticized by his party colleagues. Boris Budka revealed that Donald Tusk was personally involved in the case. – There was a serious conversation between the head of the Civic Platform, Donald Tusk, with Radoslav Sikorsky, and as a result, Radoslav Sikorsky wrote explanations – said the deputy.

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