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San Marino. Bartosz Busaki on Interia: This is why Lewandowski didn’t want to join the Premier League

San Marino.  Bartosz Busaki on Interia: This is why Lewandowski didn't want to join the Premier League

Michał Biaoński, Interia: Poland’s soccer community is alive with debate that Paulo Sousa is avoiding PKO Ekstraklasa matches. Some consider it a scandal. Are you a member of the Souza Friends Party or the Souza Opposition Party?

Bartosh Busaki, ex-Lech footballer and the Polish national team: – I have my game and coach Sousa will be held accountable for the final result. PZPN’s men must withstand the pressure and only settle for Sousa after qualifying for the World Cup. I read the opinions of the supporters of Sosa’s immediate expulsion if we did not win the next two games against San Marino and Albania. Roman Koseki, who made such a sentence in an interview with Interia, is an advocate for this.

– I think it’s a bit unfair, not only towards the coach, but also towards the players and the fans. I never liked what it was like to kick someone out in the process of achieving the goal. I know that the contract with Director Souza was signed by President Boniek, and PZPN is now headed by Cesare Colisa, but if the company is taken over, then with everyone …

Inventory utility?

– exactly. And even if you have a different opinion about someone else, contracts must be enforced and trusted. Remember that with a possible change in the delimiter, we are not changing one person, but all the employees, who have been cooperating with the guys since the beginning of the year, this cooperation started. Any change will affect the entire team.

Today I don’t judge coach Sousa whether he leads the team well or badly. The most important thing is the ultimate success, ie promotion to the World Cup. Only when this issue is settled should any steps be taken. Since Paul Sousa’s goal was to advance to the World Cup, he should be allowed to work, not fired while promotion is still possible.

As a fan, you are happy to revive the attack, thanks to which Robert Lewandowski scored a goal per game, and not 0.4 goals per game, as during Jerzy Brzczek’s training period, or as a former defender, you are more worried. For a careless defense that lost 17 goals in 11 matches during Souza’s rule?

– If you play offensively, you will be more likely to receive goals. You definitely need to pay attention to the balance of the game, maintaining a balance between attack and defense. It seems to me that the way for the national team is to maintain this balance. In addition to the purely tactical aspect, this team also exists as a group. I am not close to the staff, but judging by the statements of our representatives from conferences, interviews or private conversations with them, I conclude that the cooperation between the staff is good. So why not let this team of people keep working and make drastic changes now?

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Do you like Souza’s persistence in the three hour pause game? Coach Francesc Smuda claims that we do not have defenders with the characteristics that would allow such bold and creative tactics. In addition, our defense leaders at the club do not practice such tactics.

For me, these three defenders are a bit traditional. We can say that we play defensively like the Five and no one can refute that.

True, after all, the pendulum is not exempt from ordinary defense.

– That’s why these three-hour stopwatches are more traditional and look great on the board on TV, and we’re defending them with five hours. However, it seems to me that if Coach Sousa had not believed in the boys’ ability to play in this system, he would not have promoted it. On the other hand, Kamel Celik or Janek Bednarek, who are increasingly experienced and play in a strong league, have weathered the turmoil they have been in for a while, and are multi-skilled players who can perfectly match the formation of three, four or five defenders. So I will not stick to this setting.

Where do you see the problem?

I always say that the whole team defends and the whole team attacks. When we receive goals, it does not mean that the defense is weak. It often happens after group splinters, or after stories that usually result not from poor defensive preparation, but from individual mistakes. Usually something “crashed” earlier. Someone lets someone hit him, someone fails to catch someone, and then the defenders are blamed.

It must also be remembered that in order for Robert Lewandowski to shoot, these defenders also have to deliver the ball to the area from which the goal can be scored. So, I’m not denying at all that the team has three centre-backs and I’m not saying that it will be safer when we come out with four. The advantage of our team is its versatility, and the fact that it can play with such and such setup.

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Speaking of Lewy, would you admit that the 33-year-old captain, Robert, goes above and beyond? He’s making progress when most footballers retire, so get serious about that. He has already scored 50 goals this year and has 20 games left until the end of the year, so he will surely improve his personal score – 54 strikes.

We are definitely dealing with an exceptional football player and athlete. It’s great that Robert has maintained this disposition thanks to the work he has put in throughout his career. Admittedly, times have changed and a 35-year-old doesn’t necessarily have to end his career. We have many examples of this, and Robert is absolutely perfect. For him, talent is supported by work, an ideal mentality and the same behavior. No wonder Bayern intends to extend his contract with him, although Robert recently denied this information, stressing that he has not yet held any talks on this subject. But the club’s desire to extend the cooperation shows that Bayern in Robert sees the possibility of serving as captain for much longer than the current agreement indicates.

What is the secret of Robert’s longevity?

– I don’t look at Leo’s age at all. After all his career, I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s never had a cramp or a stress injury. All he had to deal with came from his opponent’s interference or from situations, such as the one during the national team’s match with Andorra, when he stomped on him. There was a risk that the break he got at the time would prevent him from breaking Gerd Muller’s record, but Lewy worked his way up anyway. Therefore, in his case, it makes no sense to consider his birth certificate. Let’s be more interested in what you can do. I am absolutely convinced that more records will be broken. And even when he stops hitting them, he’ll be an important figure in representing us and the club team for a few more years.

We’ll see if Bayern will always be, and perhaps Robert has plans to test himself elsewhere. However, today he is in a team that can provide him with everything he plans. Bayern always fights for the highest goals, and that’s what Robert wants.

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The Premier League is the strongest league, but none of its clubs regularly achieve what the Bavarians achieved in the Champions League.

– This is correct. A few years ago, when Robert might have been tempted by Manchester City, I asked why he wouldn’t take advantage of this offer. He said: Did you come and live there for me? In Munich Robert feels good, it is close to the mountains, the climate is mild, and it does not rain every day as in the British Isles. A replacement for Lewis may be Spain, but he plays in Germany. Moreover, Bayern is a thriving, sustainable club that is managed intelligently. In his case, we have never heard of financial problems or other stories disrupting the functioning of the club. Looking at what is happening at Real Madrid or Barcelona, ​​we can see that it is not rosy all over. Even the wealthy English clubs or Paris Saint-Germain-laden clubs in general do not reach this place in the Champions League, which Bayern has been playing regularly for many years. This also affects Robert’s desire to play for this club.

You can see that Robert has thought about the entire profession and all the decisions he makes are correct. What’s more, I don’t think that in his last phase he made any ill-considered steps that would stop him from fighting for the highest goals.

The Ballon d’Or was canceled last year when Robert had no serious competitor for it, winning everything he could and being the top scorer in every competition. But so far he must be the favorite too, so long as – as Robert himself says – there will be no great politics in settling this referendum.

– This type of referendum has its own rights, but if France Football takes care of its public relations, then there can be no other decision than the “Golden Ball” for “Louis”. Messi went through a massive turmoil, another rival – Cristiano Ronaldo – did not have a successful period, as Messi changed the club. Not only because I know Robert and because he is Polish, I wish him this award. Various things may surprise us, but I think Robert deserved this award one hundred percent.

Interviewed by: Michel Białowski, Intria

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