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Sanctions and planes. Russia threatens Britain

287 członków brytyjskiego parlamentu zostało ukaranych przez Moskwę sankcjami za rzekome szerzenie rusofobii. Rosja grozi uderzeniem w cele militarne w Wielkiej Brytanii i oskarża Londyn o prowokowanie Ukrainy do przeprowadzania ataków na terytorium Rosji.

Moscow punished 287 members of the British Parliament for allegedly spreading fear of Russia. Russia threatens to strike military targets in Britain and accuses London of provoking Ukraine to launch attacks on Russian soil.

The reason is the words of the British Armed Forces Minister, James Hebby. He stated in an interview that Ukrainian attacks on strategic targets located in Russia – that is, on its territory – are justified. Nor does he see anything wrong if the weapons obtained by Ukraine from Great Britain are used in such an intervention. In response to these words, a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said Maria Zakharova suggested that Russia might retaliate against NATO bases in the UK and, in her words, decision-making centers where Western advisers might be in Ukraine.

A Russian attack on British soil would immediately trigger Article 5 of NATO, which states that an attack on any NATO country is an attack on the entire alliance. Interestingly, in the same interview, Minister Hebei also announced that British soldiers would resume military training in Ukraine once hostilities in the east of the country had ceased.

The British head of diplomacy, Liz Truss, is scheduled to order Noto today to deliver the planes to Ukraine, and the big change in the British position is that they could be Western planes in the equipment of allied member states. So it’s not about Meg and everything about her. As commentators note, with regard to alliance strategy, the Rubicon crossing will be a particular in Western thinking about the war in Ukraine.

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The aircraft manufactured in a NATO member state with Ukrainian aviation equipment – that is, an offensive weapon – will certainly be perceived by Moscow as an escalation of the conflict, which can be met with an unspecified reaction. As observers note, the alliance no longer had illusions. He noticed a direct link between the armament of Ukraine and the defense of NATO itself, and therefore of the whole of Europe. In any case, the current level of rearmament of the Ukrainian army has led to a situation where we are already dealing with a conflict between the military machine of the West and the Russian army.

This is the focus of today’s UK Ministry of Defense analysis. The latest report shows that Ukraine retains control of most of its airspace. Russia also failed to neutralize its air defenses. The trips of the aggressor in this case are fraught with danger. In this context, strengthening Ukraine with aircraft makes more sense.

Hostilities are taking place only in the east and south of the country. However, the information from Transnistria, a separatist Russian-speaking part of Moldova, where provocations are increasingly taking place, aimed at persuading the Russians to continue building a land bridge along the shores of the Black Sea, is alarming. Certainly the good news in this context is the announcement that Britain’s laser-guided Brimstone missiles will be sent to Ukraine. It has a range of 11 kilometers and is expected to arrive by May 10.

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