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Sandia National Laboratories and the Lunar Power Grid Project

Sandia National Laboratories and the Lunar Power Grid Project

If we think of a permanent presence – similar to that on the International Space Station – at the lunar base that will appear on our satellite as part of the Artemis mission, we must prepare for it properly, at least In terms of power supply. We’ve known that for a long time Small nuclear reactors will be responsible for energy productionwhich is expected to appear on the Moon before the end of the decade (solar panels are also available, although due to the phenomenon of a two-week lunar night, their usefulness is still being evaluated).

But reactors are only part of the puzzle, as there are also necessary systems in which this can be achieved Save energy for the specified place. And although it seems that the US space agency has extensive experience in this field after the International Space Station, it must be remembered that building a station on the Moon is more difficult, mainly because of The distance from the land and the fact that it will eventually consist of at least two outposts.

One will be used for life and scientific research, and the other for fuel extraction and processing – on a scheduled basis They will be several kilometers away. Here comes the NASA-chosen Sandia National Laboratories, which has just submitted plans for its small power grids – a solution similar to the one used on the International Space Station, but with several changes.

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NASA hasn’t decided if it wants to go online yet Direct current or alternating current will flowWhich will be converted to permanent only in the database. Regardless of this decision, however, systems and software are needed for the small power plants that manufacture them The voltage will remain constantdespite very volatile demand.

How to do it “dry”, that is, on the ground, many years before the planned mission? Energy Storage Control System and SpecificationsThen the components that comply with these requirements. It’s all about being very flexible and designed with a view to future expansion and the growing number of power devices.

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